Need help: No boot with 4th card

Just finished a new mining rig:
ASUS Strix B250F MB
4gb ram
120g ssd
x4 GTX 1060 OC 3gb all on PCI risers
EVGA 750CQ gold PSU
Windows 10 pro
I can boot 3 cards and mining no problems. BUT, when I plug in the 4th card usb to PCI riser, i get a short beep and then a slightly longer beep about 5 seconds later and a black screen, no bios, no windows.

I have tried different pci ports with no change, I have confirmed the 4th card will boot if I unplug one of the other cards, so not a card issue.

What am I missing?
I have set the bios to PCI gen 2 and disabled non-essentials, audio, etc. I have tried reconfiguring how I have them in the power supply, but no change.

Thanks for any assistance.

Enable 4G Decoding :slight_smile:

I have, no change. :persevere:

Turn off intel Integrated GPU

Riser may not be fixed tight. Mining rig using risers is difficult to assemble especially when you have bought low quality risers.