Networking question

Hello, Could someone please clarify router settings for mining? I have a few computers at home which I would like to use for mining. The default port for zcash is 18232. I have a AT & T router which provides broadband. Do I need to do port forwarding through the router? Is there a way to forward the port to multiple computers?

If you are simply going to mine Zcash you should not need to forward any ports.

The only reason you would need to forward ports with any aspect of Zcash would be if you would want to run a Zcash client node that is accessible by outside parties to help the network. Even if this was your goal, I would still recommend against opening anything on your own network and instead rent a VPS instance from Digital Ocean or somewhere.

In fact, I would recommend checking sites such as GRC’s Shield’s Up : GRC | ShieldsUP! — Internet Vulnerability Profiling   to check if you have any inadvertently open ports right now. Ideally everything should come back as stealth-ed.