New AMI IDs for AWS auto-miner and fullnode

Here’s the list of IDs for the new AMI images of my autominer for AWS with Sprout pre-installed:

us-east-1 ami-861a4291
us-east-2 ami-6e58020b
us-west-1 ami-28d79c48
us-west-2 ami-56fc5a36
ap-south-1 ami-3d4b3f52
ap-northeast-2 ami-fd37e393
ap-southeast-1 ami-3d4eef5e
ap-southeast-2 ami-4a7b4729
ap-northeast-1 ami-2c02a14d
eu-central-1 ami-e9699186
eu-west-1 ami-52753e21
sa-east-1 ami-b8821ed4

A reminder, this is for solo mining or running a fullnode, not pool mining.

for pool mining I’ve just created an AMI Ready to use AMI for Amazon AWS GPU mining