Zcash Community Website

Hey all, Happy New Year!

The new site is now live! zcashcommunity.com

One of my New Years resolutions is to build a website for the community that is focused on your needs. I would like to get your community feedback (and maybe some help) with building it.

There are so many aspects to Zcash that are spread across many different sites, my idea is to build a site that would be like the Wall Street Journal or New York times for Zcash. A front page that will give all of you easy access to news, market info, developer opinion pages, how-tos, hardware info, etc…

I am familiar with WordPress and there are many News style themes that could work well, here is my first initial list of things I would like to have:

Crypto Compare API = price, marketcap
Zchain API = hashrate, difficulty, distribution
Z.cash Node Map API
Zcash Feed, Feedly+GoogleNews
List of exchanges
Zcash Blog Posts
Mining Profit Calculator, coinwarz API
Zcash Pools Page
Hardware Wiki
Zcash YouTube/Videos

Most of those things are easy to do in WordPress it just takes time to site down and author them, but I have not had experience building a way to use API’s. For instance it would be nice to have a simple ticker with live market price, or a ticker with live blockchain height, linking to Zchain or crypto-compare, or coin wars, etc…

What do you guys think? Are there any other things you would like to see?

Anybody familiar with building sites that would like to help with this project?

Perhaps some would be interested in having an opinion column of thier own, or development column?

All feedback is welcome!


This is a great idea!

Some things I'd love included, which you may have mentioned just want to point them out. Here are the links I frequently visit.

Difficulty over time

Network hash rate over time
(click on everything but the hash rate at the top for the graph to expand)

mining distribution

market cap

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Nice, added to the first post

Are there any Zcash advocacy videos or channels? Like what Amanda B does on Dash - Digital Cash...

I don't know of any like hers, there are quite a few videos about the more technical side of Zcash.

Good idea though, Zcash Video channel/embeds added to the list.

Has anyone had experience with building a PHP widget for WordPress?

Great idea!

With Zcash being a privacy and anonymity focused crypto currency I would very much like to empower everyone already running a Zcash node to enable it as a 'dual stack' node using the Tor network.

Lets provide easy how-to set-up guides for dual stack P2P connectivity over Tor, with somewhere for those running Zcash nodes to submit there own P2P addnode .onion Zcash addresses.

Running a Tor Hidden Service node doesn't actually require that operator relay's any other Tor traffic, in fact CLIENT only node configurations only relay Zcash P2P traffic over Tor!

Already working on some graphical guides to improve on the start I've made here :

Lets make Zcash offer better Tor support than Bitcoin!


can't wait to see the final product

I am getting close to finishing the site, I just need to finish up the mining pages which have a ton of info/ links/videos. I've got pretty much everything on the original post "wish-list" embedded, and if not embedded then linked. Wordpress can be a huge pain when it comes to JavaScript and API info parsing.

I don't plan on selling anything, and I would caution you against the use of Zcash logo branding without permission. Zcash is a company, like Apple or Ford who has copyright protections.

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It's not my call, I was just giving you the heads up.

whats the link to the site? did I miss it?

Don't panic @cryptomined.

And FYI I already have a couple of your videos on the playlist for mining and software installs

do you really? thanks man
ok i wont panic, sorry, im easily startled.
do you have a link so I can check out your site?

if you ever want me to remove items, just shoot me an email (or zooko) and ask me and im happy to fulfill your wishes. and if you want something for free, yeah man, like i would like to return the favor to you guys for making ZCash. You can still get something for free.

I just want to be your guys friend around here. i try to help out as much as I can. but its not like you owe me anything for it, i do it for free

Also, just to prove im not a mean guy
You should get yout TradeMark in China before someone else does.

You need a trademark in the USA to protect your product and image, and at the same time you should protect your trademark in China

else someone else could buy it up and possibly get ZCash removed from chinese exchanges and create a very big problem for you.

in CHina - it is first to register copyright and trademarks... you are not entitled to it in china just by creating first... so to protect yourself you must get someone in china to register your trademark and copyrights.

If i was a mean guy, i would do it cause it just costs 100$ to register a trademark - people do that and then charge US companies 100,000's of USD or even millions to get hte trademark and then eliminate the problems it causes

your a crypto, so no one probably has thought about buying up your Trademark... BUT if someone does it can really cause a bit problem for you - even you dont really "sell" products... they can use the trademark to cause havoc with the exchanges... and that could be devatating to ZCash, even if you do buy hte trademark back... the time between could really be bad

so please if you ever need me to remove something just ask,... i dont mean to take anything from you.

also, you should add a TM to your design otherwise its pretty easy for people to take it and not care too much about copyrights, as its hard to enforce a general copyright, but a TM is easy.

TM will protect you in china if you buy it.

If i was really a mean person, I would buy your trademark, get ZCash removed from every chinese exchange and then try to sell it to you for 500,000 USD ransom... and you would be stuck and have to pretty much pay me what I wanted else risk not being able to use the ZCash or Zerocoin electric coin company name and relevant branding in china at all ...

but im not a mean guy, so im giving you the head start on getting it yourself before someone really mean does buy it and cause you a massive headache.

and remember were not really rich people... if we were we probably wouldnt be living here. its temping to hold a company ransom through TM... but thats just ethically wrong in my personal outlook. ... but hten again... copyrights also are wrong in my outlook :stuck_out_tongue: copywrong is what I call them LOL

I’m excited to announce that the new website is Live !! :grinning: :zcash: