New to mining - accuracy of profit calculators question


New to the board and quite new to crypto mining, although I’ve been aware of it for a number of years I missed the boat early on but am now in the process of ordering my first rig.

A large part of my decision has been informed/compelled by looking at the calculators online and the ROI figures, i.e. if I buy X amount of mhs/sol, it will produce X amount of return +/-. Being familiar with financial planning calculators etc, calculators and illustrations can be misleading, sometimes not, but sometimes very misleading in what the real outcome is…

Anyway, my question is, to the experienced guys here who are mining on an ongoing bases: Does your equipment/profitability hit the numbers shown in the online calculators? Like if you have 3000 sol, are you generating the respective amount of coins illustrated on a monthly basis?

Obviously there are variables, but broadly speaking are you in the ballpark… I am assuming yes but before I push the button to order all the parts for my first rig, I wanted a bit of hands on feedback from people who have been doing it successfully.

Also, in the current climate is there such a thing as somebody who buys a rig now and won’t make money? I’m looking at a setup with 8 1070 TI’s, as and when I can get hold of that many.

ROI timelines change. The coins go up, the coins go down. Sometimes you’re coming out ahead, sometimes you’re not.

My ROI was less than 30 days when I started. It took 6+ months to actually get that ROI. That’s how volatile this whole thing is. The profit calculators are generally pretty accurate (if you’re using the good ones) but they have a habit of lagging behind and often people end up making less than they originally thought because of them.

Right now zcash (and other coins, let’s be realistic) are profitable for GPU mining. It’s not a bad idea to invest in some hardware, you just need to keep your expectations in check and remember that what your ROI number is today isn’t going to be the same tomorrow.

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I started in Jan/17 and my ROI was was 6 to 7 months with it actually being 3.5 months.

Me personally I base my ROI on the lowest price for one (1) Zcash in the last 60 days, which is roughly $300.00 usd. Yes I know today its 600.00 ish, yesterday it was 525.00 ish. Based on 300.00 per coin I have a realistic base and anything above that is a quicker ROI.

Make sure you factor in power and cooling as part of your ROI. Also remember that as the difficulty increases your ROI will decrease until the price comes back up.

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