New to the mining area

Hey guys! Im new to the complete area of mining and i just read about Zcash mining and i was really shocked that u can really make a lot of money with it :open_mouth: So i have a gaming PC right now with a i5-6600k and a r9 390 Nitro So yeah, im a gamer and my questions are : 1. Is it possible to mine and game? 2. Is it possible to make any profite of my current specs?

And im about to build a new gaming pc with a 1080Ti but when mining is possible with gaming i would buy 2-3 GPUs like 3x 1070s and try to mine and game.

Thanks for the help!

Hey @Werwolf512,

  1. While it’s technically possible to mine and game at the same time, it’s not recommended. If you’re playing something like Minecraft, then you might be able to get away with it, but it probably won’t work with games that are graphics intensive, like Battlefield 1 for example.

  2. YES!! You will definitely make money, even with your current setup. I believe the 390’s hash at around 400 Sol/s, so in the first month you’ll mine about 0.5 ZEC. Here is a good profitability calculator that factors in difficulty growth: ZCash Mining Calculator - My Crypto Buddy.

The best advice I can give is: mine with what you already have, and buy ZEC directly with the money you wanted to spend on new mining hardware. You will earn less ZEC mining over time than you could by simply buying ZEC at the outset.

If you’re building a gaming rig, then buy only what you would if mining wasn’t profitable. When you’re not gaming, you can set your gaming rig to mine, which will likely be enough to pay for itself. However, the equipment will never earn as much as simply buying the coin outright, because of the growth in network difficulty.