New Zcash Pool Launch - No Fees!

Hello all,

Proud to announce the creation of, a new zero fees ZEC mining pool to support the Zcash community.

Here are some insights:
Pool URL :
Full Stratum support
Minimum payout 0.01 ZEC
Mining Server is in France
PPLNT payout scheme: pool hopping protection
VarDiff starts from 0.04

Pool is brand new so hashrate is what you make it.
Please come and mine !

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Hello again,

Nice to see you guys on !
Feel free to put your spare cpus at good use as well, VarDiff starts low :wink:


I guess you can forget it. no balls around here.

Let’s give it some time…
Got balls ? Do bring them in !


Is it possible to utilize your pool for Zcash mining using the new Antminer A3?

dude. I tried already with another pool even trying to push other people, but nothing

but hey if he will be able I’m happy for him of course, I just see it very hard.

Kossj, Antminer A3 does algo blake. Zcash is equihash. You can use any gear as long as it does equihash.


Uche32, sorry to hear that. I guess what it takes is a few dozen miners willing to step in together at the right moment. Which is now.


@Uche32 you are more than welcome to use any pool you like, you are more than welcome share your thoughts and opinions, but just because others figured out early that the guru pool though promising in the beginning, was dead, there is no need to insult us.

so please stop

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