Newbie in mining need suggestion

Can anyone suggest me how to start mining, as i am new in this and would like to start collecting bitcoins.

Bitcoin you need an asic.
And Asic is a nasty word in here hehehe
You want to mine with something you already have, for instance a game pc with a nice GPU or a you starting from scratch and want to build something.

What’s the plan ?

If you want to start up mining then either you can build up a custom rig but again that would require technical knowledge or else you can directly buy a ready miner available from the market which would be easy step for you to earn bitcoins .

Nowadays mining profitability is unstable. For making one bitcoin you will need to mine ethereum or other alt coins and later collectively it will become one bitcoin. For the same you will require either asic or eth miners.The total choice of selection of miner depends on which crypto currency you want to mine.

Your questions suggests that you are completly new to mining. Asking for bitcoin mining you registered even to the wrong forum as this one is Zcash.

Doesn’t matter much as we all have been newbies at the beginning.
Nowadays i suggest with an easy start at, it’s easy to setup and to sell your hashpower (the work your miners GPU/ASIC/CPU generates. Your payout there will be in Bitcoin.
In the the you have your hardware mining there you should read a lot about mining, the different projects, coins, exchanges, wallets where to store your BTC or other coin, and another 1001 things to have in mind.
After you read through about mining you will want to change from nicehash to a given special coin that took your attention, maybe Zcash, maybe another one, and than you should move away from nicehash to other miningpools as they are more profitable if done right.

But as said, nothing bad to begin with nicehash the easiest one to setup where nearly everything is automaticlly done, later go for more difficult setups and pools, you will learn it with time.

Just my opinion and my advice for a new miner.

Mining is much profitablity with GPU miners. so you should choose up ethereum miner as you will be able to mine ethereum.

if you’re interested in serious mining you can buy up a ethereum miner with Vega 64/P102 graphic cards and start mining. R9 295x2 & P102 Gpu are the most efficient but It’s difficult to find.

Depends on your budget, if you go for an asictry to buy an asic which may prove to be a good re-selling item like ANTMINER S9 or ANTMINER T9.

As for GPU mining you can set up your own GPU mining rig with GTX 1080 TI 11 gb and start mining Altcoins of your choice. I suggested 1080 TI because it is by far the best card for mining any altcoin. For the operating system you can buy ETHOS from, it’s fairly easy to set up without any technical knowledge. Here is a very good guide for a newbie, hope my answer helped (Y)


For achieving faster rewards then you need to have many miners as one miner will take lot more than year to gain one Bitcoin, if you can invest buy up 5-6 eth miners are start mining with the same, they will provide you the desired rewards within a couple of months

1 month old website, already at the second batch with 89471 ordered units - ergo 1.3 Billion USD. Sure, seems legit

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I had done an inquiry with them regarding the reason for such high Mh/s and then got to know that they are using graphic cards of Nvidia P102. These graphic cards are known for better performance and are not easily available.

You missed on getting scammed. GG


It’s an amazing piece.
Now with 24 chop sticks and it is wash dishes ready. We should all buy them.

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I’ve noticed a trend where a new user will post about needing suggestions and then several - also new - users will suggest the “Promax” miner, which, by all available information, seems highly probable to be a scam.

For those of you who are actually new to mining, it’s good to be aware of these potential scams.

A big thanks to those who have flagged these posts, and I’ll continue to handle them as quickly as possible.


Do you mean hardware mining or cloud one? If you asking about hardware mining, than I’d suggest you to start with cheap but promising alts, cuz it’s pretty hard to mine btc nowadays.