NiceHash EQM Zcash NVIDIA optimized miner [Maxwell + Pascal @ Win + Linux] + CPU Mining [v1.0.4c] 400 Sol/s @GTX 1070 (stock)


AMD FX 9590 7 thread + GTX 980 + GTX 980 CPU Load 90% = 142 sol/s


Hi there,
I have message a statup message : unable to activate locked pages.
Is there a way to activat them. I didn't found it.


Link gives page error


Download link is back:


how I can use it with NiceHash?


Also not sure if this is diplaying wrong or something, but when I mine with GPU, it says in cmd that it's doing 72sol/s with GTX 1070.
But when I check online stats here:

It says 90-110 sol/s.
Anyway, that's awesome miner, I just hope to find a way to use it with nicehash instead with start.bat.


Would you like to know how I get the ones I'll be mining? Because it uses bitcoin address.


You get paid directly in BTC.


Any news, speedup...?


ewwwwwwwwww.. monopoly


Can't promise anything, but if everything goes right it should be available in NiceHash Miner this week.
Hope devs will take some time and answer few questions here tomorrow.


I hope that they will release new version of EQM too, even 1% speedup is welcome (specially when amd is way faster)


Needs to be much faster. Nano's getting 190+ now. Ideally need 100+ from a 1070.


New version with big performance improvements has been released yesterday.

GTX 1070: ~125 Sol/s @ 110 W
GTX 1060 6GB: ~85 Sol/s @ 80 W
GTX 1050 Ti: ~53 Sol/s @ 45 W
GTX 1050: ~48 Sol/s @ 40 W
GTX 980 Ti: ~125 Sol/s
GTX 980 OC: ~115 Sol/s
GTX 980: ~100 Sol/s
GTX 970: ~85 Sol/s
GTX 950: ~50 Sol/s
GTX 750 Ti: ~36 Sol/s
GTX 750 1GB OC: ~34 Sol/s

btw: sorry for multiple forum threads, will try to keep all updates only in this one from now on


Linux version coming soon?


How is the GTX 1080 support? The GDDR5X RAM requires special considerations in order to perform at its capacity.


We haven't done any test on GTX 1080 but should run decently. Also, you can play with some settings, see "-h" for extra options.


Using this miner I get about 100 Sol/s, with +200 Core, +700 Mem OC on an ASUS STRIX Advanced GTX 1080. The GPU is certainly capable of outpacing a GTX 1070, its just that the memory is different and the miner must be optimised for that.

The GDDR5X memory returns twice the amount of data (compared to GDDR5) on each memory fetch, could it be that the miner is simply fetching an unnecessary amount of data on the GTX 1080? Because the raw memory clock rate on the GTX 1080 is lower than on the GTX 1070, so fewer fetches can be performed over the same timespan, but as each fetch returns twice the amount of data, fewer should be needed for the algorithm.


Unfortunatelly not. Check here:

Until NVIDIA fix this somehow, GTX 1080 will never be good for memory hard algorithms.



Wonder if this will change with a firmware/driver update in the future. But it seems unlikely that they would be quiet about it like this if they are working on a fix. Most likely there is nothing they can do about it.