Transaction stuck

Hi all,

I tried to send some ZEC using zcash4win to an address on Poloniex, I have done this a few times before and they have always worked okay.

This time however, it is stuck with 0/8 confirmations and the transaction ID can’t be found on the block chain:

Transaction ID:

I can see the transaction as pending on Poloniex.

In Zcash4win I can still see the transaction there as unconfirmed.

What can I do in this situation?


be patient my friend! If in 12-24 hours it doesn’t show up contact the support team.

Support team is keeping silence! I have the same situation, but on Bittrex. It was at 28th of september.
TxId: 863c0d359140074c95c7117f7bb27da4d135465d8cde6f8f638f50a92375df69

Yee! Unblocked after more then 3 days!

Some situation! what we need to do?((