No ROI in mining Zcash or any other altcoin

Either way, seems to make a difference of about $0.40 - $0.50 a day. In the end, mining still seems to be profitable for me at current costs vs. returns.

Guys mining is a long term investment so please have patience

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all in i'm at 0.12usd/kwh on my bottom line total what I pay for my utility company with my credit card.
Many of the guys are not calculating it properly for sure.
Those of us like myself have switched to solar now to inflation proof my cost of electric at a flat 0.045usd/kwh I'm putting up more today as well just to make sure all my electric produced is low cost. My utility is being a pain in the ass though with the net metering of my production i'm installing to exceed my usage. So I may have to switch to a hybrid battery system which will move me up to 0.088usd/kwh produced but still a nice flat cost for the next 10 years. (also the government will give me 30% of my solar gross costs back which is great)

Or if you look at it like this I'll save about 280 dollars a month on the 10kw system
all in after incentives i'm at 7000usd ROI is 25 months so for 2 years I pay the same bill after that I got free power for 25 years minus 2200 dollars for batteries in 10 years
Still for the next 25 years I have some mega cheap electric if you just break it down by KWH cost in a 25 year span
That's about 9/10th of a cent per kwh produced.
Pretty inexpensive. 1.08 cents per kwh produced including the battery replacement in 10 years.

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PCIe express 1 slot to 3 port 1x switch multi hub riser

You can buy a cheap motherboard with 4 pci or 3 pci slots and use the PCIe express 1 slot to 3 port 1x switch multi hub riser and double the gpu mining. *Recommended use 2 slots on the pcie multiplier hub riser card although there are 3 slots.

Hi I'm Karl from PandaMiner Sales Department.
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you do know I made you your own thread right?
and you shouldn't be posting adverts in every thread, i wont flag them myself but just a heads up.

I am one of the biggest contribitors and posters on this forum.. if you want people to take notice of your miner you will get me one to test out in person ASAP


Lots of trading (manual + bot) and I've caught all hypes (ETH, ETC, XMR etc.)

can u tell me hash rtae h/s
for radeon 480x?


@cryptomined is actually one of the major contributors in this forum and it would be better if we had some reviews from him regarding your miner as the description you have posted on your website is inadequate. And most importantly, because of the 45 day warranty period, we have trust issues.

Well.. you if you want to do good business.. you need to catch a good fish.

@sales_pandaminer I think getting a 8 card rig to @cryptomined for review would be a good idea, he does a lot of work for the community and his review are first class so if I was to buy one his recommendation would alleviate some of my concerns.

Don't know for 480 cards, but for 390x it's 325 h/s on claymore 9.2 (stock)
Anyway, I still use Claymore 8.0, it gives more Sol/Watt for me (300-305 H/s)

wow its big ammount
i wanna invets to 10 cards .....
i get like 3000h/s?u sure?also whats the watt of 10 cards together

At this stage it'd be a better choice to invest in Nvidia cards, GTX1070 will be the best choice, ~30% cheaper than 390x, shows the same speed as 390x on claymore 9.2 (320-325 H/s) but with only ~100W power consumption (with a little tweaking, instead of 300W for 390x) and the dev says he'll push that model to 400 H/s on stock settings.

can u send me an email at
psilokivin at

Where are you seeing that Claymore's 9.2 miner supports NVIDIA GTX 1070?

According to only AMD cards are supported by 9.2

I looked on ebay and I'm seeing 7850's going for more like 50-60, not $20. Where do you find them for $20 each?

Have I mentioned Claymore's soft running with Nvidia? There's EWBF's and EQM-Nicehash miners out there for Nvidia hardware, more efficient and with higher speeds.

oh ok. yeah the post 2 above mine said "claymore 9.2" so thats why I was confused.

ill have to check out the EWBF's and EQM-Nicehash miners. i'd thought claymore's miners were the most efficient ones out there.

@owocki3, EWBF's miner. Speeds are under reported. I'm getting 240 sol/s out of GTX 980's with it.