Serious Discrepancy Between The Hash-rate I'm seeing and what's being reported

I’m seeing 1250 sol/s with a 1080 Ti + 980 Ti on Bminer and I’m getting like 700 sol/s on zec.nanopool? What gives?

Looking closely at the data, I started last night at around 2030 and ran Bminer at ~1250 sol/s until 0830 (12 hours) and started back up again at 1130 this morning until present (3:15) so were looking at 15 hours of mining and a balance that should be something approaching 75% of ~.025 ZEC a day and I’m at .0089 ZEC, maybe half of what it should be.

ohh and please do not open multiple threads about the exact same issue

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Bminer reports hashrate generated by your hardware, while a mining pool estimates the hashrate based on the number of submitted shares. The Bminer hashrate is different from the pool hashrate because:

The Bminer reported hashrate includes the devfee.

A small portion of the generated shares may get rejected or become stale due to network delay and transmission problems. Bminer reported hashrate will include such shares, but such shares will not contribute to the pool estimated hashrate.

Your pool hashrate is an estimate based on received shares, therefore it will vary a lot unless you control a significant amount of hashpower and you run it over a long period of time.

Some pools may calculate the estimated hashrate incorrectly.

Specially, if you turn on nofee option. You will see the same number of hashrate but the underlying computation is slowed down due to disabled optimizations.