NU5 what holders should do?

According to NU5 what should zcash holders do?? Is it safe to put zec on zecwallet mobil phone or nighthawk wallet?? Im new sorry for dumb questions

Upgrading your wallet software (when it’s available) should suffice for users. Also, as long as you have recovery/backup seed phrase, then your ZEC is recoverable using other wallets that also support Zcash. Cheers!


You will get another z-address for Orchard. You should divide your money into two random amounts (pick a random number and subtract from the total), send them to two t-adddresses, then onwards to your new z-address.

I’m not sure if there is going to be a turnstile tool that automates it, you can also wait for that.

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I dont get it what it means

He’s talking about moving funds from the Sapling pool in a privacy preserving manner so that an observer would see multiple txs of varying amounts across a given time span and would have much difficulty correlating them to specific users i.e. you. It (transitioning to the new pool) isnt necessary to do immediately however especially if you arent sure or comfortable doing it.

Wow thanx alot for the info. Im so new in this zcash world hope will get lots info in this world. Thanx again. But why theres no youtube channel talk about this?? N other zcash features??

Idk if there’s one specific to the ‘migration tool’ (prolly not) which is a feature one can (could) employ to automate the aggregation of the txs for you; the varying amounts and different taddys and times for the txs is done automatically. I think I remember hearing about a tool for this time but I cant remember. Anyways its only optional, you can certainly do all that yourself.

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I have another question. You said observer. Is it still Posibble to observ Z address transaction??

You’re right that naive migration between shielded pool would expose your balance (and by implication, perhaps history or identity). Unfortunately, the above countermeasure doesn’t suffice. It’s often easy to look at the chain and put the two parts back together algorithmically, e.g., by hypothesis testing. Identifying such splits is a standard technique in chain analytics.

@daira, what’s the status/plans for Orchard migration tooling?


Zaddys dont appear on the blockchain but all the transactions are observable. It would require more information (usually a high level of sophistication) to make any kind of correlation like monitoring your ip or something like that (also some people are stupid too and like post screenshots and use vanity tx fees etc).

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Yes, but purely on-chain leakage is also possible.

One simple example: it’s likely your ZEC wallet balance is a round number minus a small multiple of the standard tx fees.
I send 0.00269412 ZEC to your (public) Sapling address.
When you migrate, I find the two migration txs which sum to a round number minus a small multiple of the standard tx fees plus 0.00269412 ZEC.
Now I know your account balance.

Another example: I saw the shielding transaction you used to fund your Sapling zaddr (after, say, you bought ZEC on Coinbase and withdrew it to your taddr). Later, I see two migration txs that sum to exactly that, minus 0.3527 ZEC. Which happens to be the membership dues of the Caribou Hugging Club. You’re outed.

Far-fetched? Perhaps. But remember, this is on-chain, so there is all the time in the world for people to come up with new algorithms and heuristics, as well as dig up new data to correlate against.


All your ZEC stored within a T-address & Sapling Z-addresses can be transacted on the Zcash chain. The various wallet providers will have their own plans for adding support for Orchard U-address. And there will be a way to recover your ZEC as long as you secure your seed words(private keys) to your wallet.

The Zcash network is not deprecating support to any pool in this upgrade.

It would be good to know the recommendations around breaking down transaction amounts towards the migration flow for wallet developers to incorporate a similar, user-friendly experience.

Please post wallet related improvements & ideas here

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Zecwallet lite for Android is not NU5 ready and neither Zcash Foundation nor the developer have commented on its future. As of now its users will not be able to access the new features like Unified Addresses nor will their shielded transactions be in the Orchard pool.

Thread here: Zecwallet community reorg

So nighthawk wallet should i choose??

Nighthawk is an alternative, yes. In my experience Nighthawk is painfully slow to sync with the network, on both highspeed wifi or mobile, thus making it virtually unusable.

ZecWallet Lite implemented some fast sync technology making it far more usable, but again, its future is unclear and it’s not NU5 ready. ZecWallet Lite is also tied to the lightwallet server of the developer and there is no way to change that, so it involves trusting the devs and the jurisdiction in which they operate.

The fastest wallet with the most features is Ywallet. Check it out. IMO its the best… Test all of them and you’ll see.

Zecwallet lite desktop version this day not work well. Icon menus cannot clicked. It stuck blank. Usually i can restore all my Z addresses in zecwallet lite desktop. And when i use that same seed phase on zecwallet lite android it just show 1 Z address. It must use private keys to get all my Z adresses. Now i try using nighthawk and do with the same seed phrase it shows just 1 Z address but i dont found where i can input/import private key menu? This is so frustating. It took so long to download n syncing.

What’s behind the politics of Ywallet not being listed on

This lack of inclusion should give pause to the average user as it appears that Ywallet is not trusted or endorsed by the community: Y/ZWallet: mobile app (Q&A) - #43 by ChileBob

I use it. Many Zcashers use it. There is politics behind it. The lack of inclusion has nothing to do with the dev work itself. @hanh has developed many things for Zcash. I suggest people to check it out…

Use at your own risk. Again, I find it concerning that a compatible shielded wallet, that claims to offer one of the fastest litewallet syncs, is not even mention on ECC or Halo wallet pages…

Either there are trust/endorsement issues or ECC needs to be clear as to why they’re not mentioning Ywallet/Zwallet despite being content to list closed source wallets, KYC exchange wallets, and other multicoin wallets.