How many sols are you getting. I can't seem to get over 770-780 without high fluctuations.

Hello. 730 - 745 Sol/s

I had an idea and wanted to run this by you, as maybe you tried this. I have four EVGA 1080Ti hybrid's on a single MSI board and had been debating a fifth one, but then read your post. Do you think that I could buy a fifth corsair hydro or MSI seahawk watercooled version and plug it into the same board, but run MSI afterburner separately just for this card while running the EVGA Precision X software for the remaining four cards to get these five cards to work? In other words, will the presence of a fifth non-EVGA card avoid making the precision XOC software say "too many cards" while letting you still OC the four EVGA's? I would hate to have to replace all four of my EVGA's just for wanting to expand to 5-6 cards.


The fifth card will give "too many GPUs" and the software becomes buggy and slow.

Crap. Is there no workaround for this aside from going all Corsair's? I guess I can put the 5th 1080 Ti into my other dual 1070 rig.

Im using Asus Strix cards.

Here are my settings and its stable, not the best sol/w but im just trying to pull as much zec as possible :slight_smile:
And i have this in a closed case a corsair carbide 740.

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can you tell me,what software are you using to overclock?

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Hello, I have 2 1080 Ti, today I will set up my rig, got all the parts. I have read most of this topic and looked around as well, but still have a question about risers. How should I connect risers to psu? I have this cable (picture below) came out of psu, I believe I should use this cable directly from psu to risers, instead of using that cable included in riser itself. Am I right?

This is the riser I have.
I am afraid of any fire risk. Thanks for help.

You need SATA cable to connect PSU and raiser. Look for cable with SATA sign among cables within PSU box. As far as I know, each raizer should be connected with separate cable.
SATA connectors are shown here: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/power-supply-units/psu-accessories
and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzDFHMy2dS8

Thank you for your answer. Yeah I see I have SATA cable as well, but this requires using 4pin Molex to SATA adapter included in riser itself, and then SATA to PSU. And I think I have read somewhere, that Molex to SATA cable is risky. (Molded SATA cable or something like that?) Can't I directly connect them with that cable in the photo? It feels safer to me. :confused:

Yeah, I am also aware regarding Molex raizers. No, you can't connect PSU cable with raiser directly.

No this is incorrect. Do not use SATA with 1080 ti cards because they pull more heat than sata is rated for. One of my sata cables almost caught on fire a couple of weeks ago.

What you should do is use 1 molex cable per two risers and go directly into the riser's molex plug.


What? Of course you can go directly from PSU to riser. Where are you getting this bogus info?


Don't use sata with 1080 tis. Do direct to the riser with a molex. One molex cable can handle two risers.

Don't use more than 100% power if you're using two risers on a single molex cable.

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I currently have 2x1080ti (Asus Strix Non-OC) and I'm currently getting 740-750 sols/sec on each of them with some overclocking.

I was planning to buy 4x1080ti's and run 6 from the same mobs (z170 pro gaming). However, reading that OP is not able to overclock morre than 4 cads on the same mobo is a bit of a let down.

Can someone confirm that indeed it is not possible to control more than 4x1080ti's from afterburner?

Thanks in advance!

This is incorrect. Of course you can go directly to the PSU. In fact, I would recommend it if your PSU has enough juice to do so.

@root @nekkidtruth wait! REALLY ???
Are you saying, that if I use 6 pin raizer (http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-3-0-PCI-E-Express-1x-To-16x-Extender-Riser-Card-Adapter-Power-Cable-BTC-Lot-/332297641160), I need to connect PSU cable directly to raizer? Thus, cable 6pin - SATA is not used?

I have this cable with 3 * 6 pins:

Currently I use this:

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Of course it's not needed. That's simply a cable to attach power. There's nothing special about it.

Oh... Then it is discovery for me. I have to apologise for wrong info. I have never seen ( rig install reviews and tutorials) connecting direct connection - with those cables only.

@nekkidtruth How many cards 1080 ti Extreme can be plugged into single PSU cable? I have 3 6 pin outputs on single PSU cable. Is it save to connect three cards to it?