You’re not wrong. At least not entirely. Most cards definitely increase hashrate with the memory overclocked. This is however not always the case with the 1080 Ti as it’s memory is already significantly higher. Which is why there’s a constant back and forth between everyone.

Ultimately it comes down to each individual card. Either upping your memory will give you a decent boost in hashrate or it won’t.


The final processing power of the GPU is not depend on the OC ratio, but the actual Core clock and Memory clock ratio. That ratio should be the same for the same GPU architecture.

The GPU is a synchronized machine, if the core processing speed is faster then the memory read speed, then the actually processing power of your GPU does not increase. Same result if it’s the other way around. The GPU doesn’t output trash data during those process, because the BIO force faster clock to wait on the slower clock.

Read up on flip flop, it should clarify how clocks impact processing power.


I agree with this. Some 1080 ti cards come with a higher manufacturer core clock which will allow an increased mem clock to improve Sol/s.


Yah, like I said if the processing power is limited by the VRAM read speed.

My GTX 1080 TI core clocks are all above 1850, so it helps.


It is so + 200mhz core at 85% power do the same only reverse give 600mhz for memory and not oc core clock result nothing. If you oc memory, core clock going down


I have the 1080ti and when I adjust settings in Afterburner, say increasing/decreasing the core clock/memory clock and clicking Apply it either drops my sols to 0 or continues mining with full watts. So far to get the setting to take effect in the miner I have to restart the pc and this works but wondering if I might be doing something wrong as I thought idea with Afterburner was to be able to adjust things on the fly?

Edit: It seems to allow adjustment of power on the fly


Your GPU crashed due to high OC. Try to reduce it.


What’s your OC? The Restart didn’t fix the problem. Your OC is unstable.


seems to like +150 for the core clock much higher and it starts to crash. It’s not due to temps it’s watercooled and never over 40deg…should have added this is with 67% power limit


Hello guys! I’m newbe and mining zec almost 2 months. So I managed to reach 769-785 sol/s at my 3 Aorus extreme and around 760 sol/s at Aorus. Any ideas how to reach 800++? I saw some guy reported abt 820-830 sol/s! Let’s try to invistigate!

P.s.: sorry for my bad english.


hmmmmm yeah Mem clock OC increases hashrate considerably, at least for my mining rig that has being running stable for 3 months with the configuration I suggested in this forum before. this article gives you and idea of the cards that can handle the must OC

Some people say 200 core 800 mem and 120% TDP is max OC on some of the best cards, I personally wont run my cards more than 125/600 and still a lot.


Didnt find any usefull information abt settings etc.


I have 770 @ 60 degrees at my Aorus extreme


My apologies, though you were more newbie :), I’ll say 770 stable is really good, pushing it might not be good


No worries mate :slight_smile: But anyway I just wonder if it’s possible to go highter. Yesterday 1 card drew 795 sol/s. I’m pretty sure tt they can work stable at 800+ , but I don’t know how to check it safety. I can try any suggestions on my rig and report here to find out


Well, I saw in a 1080 ti a venezuelan guy talking about 200 core 800 mem, see if you can cool your card a bit more and try it out with only one card. I’ve tried 195 core and 700 in my MSI 1080 ti Seahawk X make sure you are increasing mem clock it increases hashrate, and something else try 120% TDP although I’ve read somewhere that you can get top OC performance at 98% TDP.

Let us know your results.


200 core and 800 mem is cool…maybe :slight_smile: But different cards have different stock settings, so for me +25 core is a 1987-1999 hrz, so +200 core will kill it :slight_smile:

I think it’s not about just common settings like core and mem increase, I think we need to go deeper


Could you please tell how did you get 769-785?
I have 6 aorus extreme cards and can’t get more than 750-760 from best of them. I use msi afterburner, +50 core, +400 mem, power 108%.


Yeah, my ab settings are + 38 core +25 mem 110-115% power
Temps are around 60 degrees
Win 10
Avarage is abt 772 sol/s now.

I’ll post screenshots today lately as I’m at work at the moment, also I’ll try to find post of this guy who had 820-840 sol/s.


I found screenshot from the post:

Just look at it, amaizing! Wtf with temps? Also I remember tt he use Linux