wow… awesome numbers… I am able to get 730 max average with another specs.
Are those cards being kept in fridge? :slight_smile:


Yeah, seems like on North Pole:D


Stock settings:

+25 mem + 38 core 110-115tdp:

Other 2 cards also Aorus but not extreme are suck, and I dont know why, I cant solve the issue. They are running 740 and 730-740 sol/s, yesrerday it was 760+


:slight_smile: H-m-m, may I ask a screenshot of ur Aurus graphics engine with specs?



Also seems that I solved problem with one of not-xtreme aorus, I just decrease mem to +17 and get as follows:


Also I’d better advice to use msi afterburner, Aorus garaphics enegine sucks. I spent almost 1.5 months wiht it and never saw such results…


Thanks for the info. I will definitely try ur specs! But, have you tried those specs with Aorus graphics? And the result is different form the same specs using Afterburner. Have I got you correct?


Yeah, correct. Actually I tried hundreds of different specs at aorus g e, and all were not stable, I was very confused to find acceptable spec.


Wow, sh*t, it really works :slight_smile:
But, my temps invreased + 5 degrees - I don’t like such temps… I am not a fan if big overclocks. My previous average solution per card was 730 with Power usage 250, but the temps were 69 - 71 degrees. I think it is more safe for cards for long term, don’t you think so?


Can you pls tell me how to get power usage listing in miner?

  1. updated my prev answer;
  2. Ewbf mining --pec comment watt usage


Oh well, you get such temps cause u set funspeed at “auto”. Use manual at around 80-85% and you’ll get 10 degrees lower


True. But, what about cards durability? Power target 110% doesn’t seem to be good approach for already manufacture overclocked Extreme version. What’s your opinion?


You are right, durability possibly lower…I dont know.
But I’m pretty sure tt lower temps are preferable to fans usage, youd better do your best to decrease temps as much as you can. Otherwise your durability is much more lower at such temps than let’s say 120%tdp settings. IMO of course…


Thank’s for answer and advice. I will work on it :slight_smile:


Hi, I have a question and a small problem. The question of whether riser affects performance? Problem I do not know why one card after restart shows less sol / s how to do restart three times it will pop up, I replaced riser I put the cables but nothing gives it.

Now working ok but every card work 710+ sol/s one card max 680/708


I have the same issue, dont know how to solve it. After bios update it became better, but still the same, abt 30-40 sol/s less on one card


Have you tried isolating the suspect card (e.g., remove one of your top performers, slide the underperformer into that riser, and see if you still have n-1 cards that run at 710+). Additionally, if you have a spare PCIE slot on your motherboard, I would try moving the suspect card around to see if some of the data threads from your current slot is bad.


Thats definetely explain my issue cause I found thats not riser problem. So one of pcie slots damn. Thanx!


884? Damn.
Are you sure it’s not Titian Xp? (I don’t know their hashrate it’s just a first guess).