There is already people making private GPUs 100x faster than 1080Ti on ZEC.

Could you provide links? I have 1080ti and I am very interested in increasing my earnings drastically :slight_smile:


Looks like there is a typo in your .bat-file. use --pec, not -pec (i.e. use double dash). This is for the EWBF miner.


Oh yeah, now it works, just added ‘’–pec’’ at the back of the code and now it works


Well that won’t be called GPU. Otherwise they can sell it to team blue or team red for billions.


I saw it on a youtube comment a while ago, apparently he will provide bitsbetrippin 1 card.

“Long time viewer of trippin. Been developing GPU/CPU working together in one rig. 1 year on it now and working like a BOSS. Be called RegoRX7. It will delete everything on the card and cannot be undone. It will be a mining card , that’s it. A GPU and CPU miner. The CPU will not be over turned but Will mine 5-10 times faster on all Algos. The GPUs will be 20-30 times faster. The software will take care of everything. All cards programmed in development stage. It comes a specially configured raspberry pie with a 128 USB high end drive. It comes in a special case developed in the U.K. Black or Red. $450 each. Plug in and go. Gpu’s fail, system reboots on its own and writes new code to that card. Let people know on your channel, and I will send 2 . One for you and Jason. The programming language is c++. I can only make 50 this year. Yes your cards will never game anymore but the draw back I think pays for it self. One card 20 gh/s on litecoin? Plus all the rest. The 20 gh/s is one card. A 6 card rig will give you 120 gh/s. You and Jason will be the lucky ones and the other 48 too. I will only make limited supply. Keep it small. I just need approval from my manufacture to go ahead, plus $7,000 to start. That’s gonna be tight. Anyways yes anything can be hacked. We are talking even old cards. So hope for all. One Ethereum on old nivida 980 can mine 1. 8 per day. Anyways Give people hope. See what I can do, and the first person that emails you on this question, will get one free. Prediction for bitcoin in December 21, 2017? Closest wins. No guarantees though. I need to get authorized, and $7,000 K to drop on the table. Rego out.”


Thanks for reply, but still… Links, articles would be nice to get :slight_smile:


I’ll believe it when I see it. You’re basing all of your fear-mongering on a comment someone posted on Youtube. Out of context I might add and with no source. :roll_eyes:


I thought about it too. I was in denial but thinking better, there are a lot of very smart programmers and overclockers in the crypto community, something like this is not impossible and these very smart people will profit more if they keep their discoveries for themselves, at least for a while. Later on they can do what @1Noob1Rig said and sell to nvidia.


This isn’t about denial. This is about literally reading a comment on a Youtube video and taking it as fact. It’s not fact at all. It’s a rumor at best.

Of course there are smart people out there. Those “smart people” would know there’s more money in selling something like this than hoarding it for themselves. It also wouldn’t take long before someone “smarter” comes along and develops a coin that makes it inherently difficult for these “devices” as well. There are plenty of “smart” people working on developing mining tools right now that can barely squeeze more out of the GPU’s currently on the market for a whole slew of different coins. So you’ll excuse me if I take your fear-mongering with a grain of salt.

I’ll believe it when I see it and or sources are provided.


If he claimed say 20% increase I’d tend to say it’s theorethically possible, but 20-30 times faster? Nope. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t even give the benefit of the doubt with a 20% increase. Maybe 5-10%. Honestly even that is pushing it. Those who are developing miners have hit a wall and some of them are legit awesome developers. Ultimately, none of this is worth it’s weight in ZEC without a source or literally anything other than a Youtube comment to go by :wink:


Sounds like a come on for seven grand to me…


Sadly it did, I think it might go down with the price drop, hopefully.


Would it be easier to just mine straight to your Cruptonator wallet?


It be will easier but I saw too much people lost their Zcash on Cryptonator


Couldn’t disagree more here. With mining, you can generate new coins 85% cheaper than buying on an exchange and the delta is your electricity cost. Once ROI is achieved it’s all profit.


Fake. Fake. Fake. Beyond fake. "It will delete everything on the card " What the $hit does that even mean? new bios? You can’t delete the basic hardware - the gpu ASIC and memory. Only BIOS. What a joke.

Really though. GPU asics are immutable - theyre not frigging FPGAs


June 2017 - I spent $5,500 on 6x1080ti and all the equipment. It has generated about 6-7 ZEC until now.

I could just buy 25 ZEC instead. But I will never mine this amount by continuing mining. Because the difficulty has increased twice since that moment. And it will increase even quicker.


Your first problem is that you are mining ZEC with 1080 Ti. There are several other algos that are way more profitable. Secondly - mining isn’t a get rich quick scheme. If you invest profits in to additional rigs and continue to build out a farm you can profit in the long run. I generate 2-3 ZEC a day now and I started with one 6x1070 rig in January…


What algos do you recommend that are more profitable?