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Hello guys, I have EVGA 1080ti Black Edition, and I can not run them over 80% power. It crashes if I try. Anyone else having this problems with this cards? I think the problem is only with the black edition. How do you feel about ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Mini Graphics Card?


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I have run 9x EVGA 1080 Ti SC BLACK Edition cards at 98% for 4 months (1-2 weeks straight at a time) with various OCs between 50-100MHz and Mem OCs of 150-250MHz. This usually gets me 740-760 sol/s. FWIW, I’m keeping the cards under 63C with 70% manual fan speed. I hope you’re able to figure out your issue; what you describe is definitely NOT normal.


Hi, mind if I ask whether u have any issue running 9x EVGA 1080 Ti SC with the Precision XOC? As I’m using the SC2 version and XOC can’t handle more than 4 gpu, while afterburner can’t control the fan as mentioned in the top post.


Sure! I have them spread over 3 rigs. I opted to have no more than 4 on one motherboard because of that limit so that I could use EVGA software for control.


So it’s confirm doesn’t work with afterburner also right? A bit inconvenient to split into many rigs. Totally deal breaker because of the software limitation, or else it’s a very ideal gpu.


The black edition does work with afterburner, the ones that do not work are that offer the 9 thermal sensor thing.


Are you using EWBF miner?


I run 1080 Ti’s FTW3 on afterburner. It just ramps all 3 fans at 100%. You don’t need the 9 sensor readings to mine. It’s just a gimmick and you don’t need to run the fans at separate speeds. Just crank them up and let the card do its thing.


Note that multi-fan cards are unmanageable in Linux. EVGA cards may have onboard temperature curves that auto-adjust the fan speeds on Linux but I can’t speak for other air cooled multi-fan flavors.


How do you manage to do it? Ive read that AB do not recognize the cards when trying to OC any card with the 9thermal sensors? Is it possible to lets say get 4 EVGA FTW and OC with Nvidia software and 2 Zotac and OC them with AB on the same rig?. Or to put it simple, using different OC softwares for different cards on same rig.


Yes I am (0.3.4b). Right now I’m at +100MHz Core/+225MHz Mem and getting read outs in that range on -6393 model EVGA cards. I haven’t had much success over clocking the Micron memory much higher than this on the particular set of cards I bought. +300 Mem ran for about 72 hours before crashing. I never pushed any higher (not sure if there’s such a phenomenon as an island of stability or if there’s an unstable threshold above which all over clocks are unstable).


@Keg.by Confirmed.

@suilow1991 EVGA makes a distinction between ICX technology and ICX cooling. The Black SC shares the same cooler design as the better models such as the FTW 3 / SC2, but it doesn’t have the additional thermal sensors and the asynchronous fan control made possible by these additional parameters.


I can’t say anything about Linux because I run Windows but my temps are GPU: 44/ Power: 55/ Memory: 56 with AB running. That is with a fan blowing across the rig. It runs with 2 Titan X Pascals and 2 1080 Stryx cards. I don’t know how it works but it does. I pulled up Evga’s software to take the readings while Afterburner was running for the temps.


I got my memory set to +1000 on my FTW3 cards and they seem stable. I have to readjust them if I shut down the mining but on 2 cards I am pulling between 1530-1540 Sol/sec.


Hello all. I just got my Asus Strix GTX 1080 Ti and on Stock it get 730 sol/s and when i oc it: +91 and +300 its get 780 but after a 1min from 100 TDP its drop to ~70% TDP and get around ~500 Sol/s with Zcash. Can anyone help me? I have 2 cards in my PC, 1 is gtx 1060 6gb and this new GTX 1080 Ti is pluged with riser. I have Nvidia settings on performance put.

1 Image: https://image.prntscr.com/image/qUMTWy57TIysW0djijeQAw.png
2 Image: https://image.prntscr.com/image/4w2xSIN-SFO73QczdVJCeQ.png

got a micron memory Sad

now i tried PL 104% +60 core and +200 memory, got around 750-760 sol/s Why i’m getting that weird power consuption drop and i need to reset my PC for it to come back?


Maybe PSU problem? What is your PSU


I have Raidmax RX-1000AE-B 1000W just got it.
I just played with it and got this: 85% Power Limit, core +100 mem +300, temp is 59C, RPM 1800. Sol/s are 720-750.


Hey guys! I There is a question regarding PSU. I use beQuiet 1200W for 3 GTX 1080TI Extreme on Asus H81-M K, on Windows 10 and all is good. But, lately I tried to add the 4-th same card on ASHRock H81 BTC Pro. And I was not able to add it. I made changes in Bios, so cards setup was OK. The problem was with Aorus Engine - it just don’t recognize the 4-th card. I reinstalled it to v1.24 and Nvidia drivers. So, I ended up with presumption that my 1200W are not enough.
I would be grateful for your thiughts :wink: