Nvidia P 106-100 Oc AfterBurner for Zcash

Hi. I just switched my miners Etherium to Zcash.

For now i’am using Zec Mİner and my cards (Nvidia P106) are working at 260 sol average. I was mining Etherium 25 m/h per card and i was hoping to mine 310 sol at zcash.

Maybe it should be about my oc settings. Can anybody share with me his AfterBurner oc settings and his results.


assuming its a 6gb card; you should be able to bump the core +250 or so and the mem +400-800.

shouldn’t need more than 90w to get there. the ‘mini’ 1060 6gbs are pretty consistent between 295-320…

try the EWBF EWBF's CUDA Zcash miner

Thanks for reply. Yes 6 gb. I found oc settings from one of my friend.

Now i am mining with 300-320 sol/s for each card.

İf anyone wants to try:

Oc settings: power:90 temp:70 core:150 memory:620 fan:auto

Already i am using it. I said zec miner beacuse of the file name. Thanks.