Overcloking in zcash

Hello guys. So, i need to ask, i have a gtx 1060 3 gb hashing at 380 sols, but i want more (yes, i know its a good hashrate) so, i have more headroom to overclock and i don’t know if zcash gives more hashrate by overclocking core clock or memory clock. Im using msi afterburner. And do i need to apply more voltage to the card? i don’t care about bills i don’t pay for electricity here

Hi @wilsonjav overclocking core will give you higher speeds,memory not so important with zcash but you can experiment for optimal settings,if your card is not stable after overclocking core then up voltage slightly for stability.

How can i raise voltge on a nvidia card? guess msi afterburner is not that effective

Why to raise voltage?

The person that is paying the bill will notice shortly enough, did something happend?

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can you tell which brand 1060 you have? 380 is very good :smiley:
I have 2x1070 hashing both at avr 950h/s (reported by pool miner say its 980-990h/s) but the 1070 are very expensive and im thinking about adding some OLD AMD cards, like 7970 280x 390x but can’t find who have those now and how much they are performing.