Oc questions please help

Hey I have 4x gtx1060 asus strix. Yesterday I put 150 core clock, and the power limit to 90. After half a day three cards have one rejected shar and one has two. Shuld I lower the OC, or shuld I continue to monitor the situation? I use ewbf to mine. Thank you.

I don’t believe half a day is really long enough to gauge something like that. I would say let it run until you’ve contributed a few hundred to a thousand shares and see where your rejected is at. Most of my cards have several thousand shares and only 15-20 rejected shares.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Look at the rejected shares out of the total number of submitted/accepted shares. 1-2 might not be a huge issue and it is also dependent on other factors such as ping, broadband stability, etc. Even stock cards will have rejected shares from time to time.

My average rejected shares are at 0.03% of my entire farm (100+ GPUs) and this is acceptable to me.

Well 1200 steady sols:D

Update, its a second day now 2 gpusbhave 1 reports one have 4 and one have 3