What a "Rejected share" is?

Hello, fellows! Would someone be so kind to clarify what a rejected share is? Is it normal or not to have “Rejected Share” from time to time?

I’m a newbie - trying to mine @ flypool EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner. From time to time I get messages about “Rejected share” that seem troubling but I dont know if this is normal or not. Below is a part of a log:

O 06:36:23: GPU0 Accepted share 114ms [A:1206, R:4]
INFO 06:36:24: GPU0 Accepted share 102ms [A:1207, R:4]
Temp: GPU0: 78C
GPU0: 464 Sol/s
Total speed: 464 Sol/s
INFO 06:36:38: GPU0 DevFee Accepted share
Temp: GPU0: 78C
GPU0: 469 Sol/s
Total speed: 469 Sol/s
Temp: INFO 06:37:49: GPU0 Accepted share 377ms [A:1208, R:4]
ERROR: Lost connection with the server.
GPU0: 78C
INFO: Detected new work: f0f5a2d55014b1264b63
GPU0: 462 Sol/s
INFO: Detected new work: 6dffe0ebd891ba00cb48
Total speed: 462 Sol/s
INFO 06:42:34: GPU0 Rejected share 226542ms [A:1208, R:5]
INFO 06:42:34: GPU0 Rejected share 223970ms [A:1208, R:6]
INFO 06:42:34: GPU0 Rejected share 207145ms [A:1208, R:7]
INFO 06:42:34: GPU0 Rejected share 152279ms [A:1208, R:8]
INFO 06:42:34: GPU0 Rejected share 143243ms [A:1208, R:9]
INFO 06:42:34: GPU0 Rejected share 107782ms [A:1208, R:10]
INFO: Detected new work: 4a26109984ac895cf56a
INFO 06:42:34: GPU0 Rejected share 80948ms [A:1208, R:11]
INFO 06:42:34: GPU0 Rejected share 73072ms [A:1208, R:12]
INFO: Detected new work: dfc102056cecdfd46ffe
INFO 06:42:34: GPU0 Rejected share 40471ms [A:1208, R:13]
INFO 06:42:34: GPU0 Rejected share 23166ms [A:1208, R:14]
INFO 06:42:34: GPU0 Rejected share 8879ms [A:1208, R:15]
INFO: Attempt to restore connection.
INFO: Target: 0004189374bc6a7e…
INFO: Connection restored, pool: eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3333.
INFO: Detected new work: aaab0f72e131ddc7ab61

Either good hashes of bad work or bad hashes of good work.
Your pings are very long. That means the computations are good but too late. Part of the competition of mining is network connectivity speed. We both do the same work but whoever turns it first gets credit. Alternatively, if your cards are overclocked they may produce bad computations, but in time (so ive read).

Whats up Alj64;

I’ve been mining for a short time too; I am using linux (ubuntu) and have run into a similar problem and am yet to find a solution. It’s seems as though the miner cannot connect to the pool to unload the shares in time. There is usually a break (no accepted shares for about 5-10min) and then all those shares which haven’t been submitted turn to rejected shares and recieved a massive red wall of rejected shares. I have other miners running from the same internet line and they are not experiencing any such issues.

Before this I’d been running for 2 weeks - under-clocking the cards without any of these issues. My Api also shares that both the miner and pool (flypool) are still connected. Sometimes I think that it is the hidden devfee which removes our miner and then returns after a little while. I wish I could help and if I find something that works I post it here.

If anyone can help us; please do; I feel like my pockets have holes in them. d:-{

2 things, fix your temps and fix your internet connection. your shares are rejected because someone has already found the solutions that your submitting because its taking you 226 seconds for your data to get to the server…