1 GPU out of 6 has high number of rejected shares (22%!)?

Hey all,

As above, i have a rig with the following specs:

Biostar BTC250 motherboard with 8Gb ram and 120Gb SSD, running 6 x 1070 Tis, powered by a 1000W and 750W PSU.

I have a small farm of about 10 rigs (60 GPUs) so this setup has worked well for me. I notice on my latest rig however that 1 of the GPU has been constantly hashing lower than the rest (by about 20-30 sols) and have an extraordinarily high number of rejected shares (22%!!).

Across my other 60 GPUs, the rejected shares have averaged around 0.3-0.5% so this is definitely not normal. I’ve changing the power supply, riser cards, PCI-E slots, but to no avail. Do i have a faulty card? This card is brand new so i can exchange it under warranty but just wanted to be sure first.

I’ve attached a screenshot below, card in question is the 3rd card from the top.

This is not the card that is attached to the monitor nor is displaying any output so i have ruled out that possibility. PC is connected via ethernet and software all up to date, and the other 5 cards are doing fine so shouldn’t be an issue with the PC setup as well.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Try moving or swapping the suspect gpu to another machine. If the problem follows youve found your issue.

Don’t want to jinx it but i think i might have found the problem. Apparently it was due to an unstable overclock. 5 of the 6 cards could handle +750 on the mem clock but not the one card.

I reduced the overclocks to +180 core +680 mem and it seems to be stable so far with not much degradation to the total sols.

Will monitor and update this thread if anything changes. Hope this thread can help someone else out. Thanks for looking!

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