Old Server for Mining

I have a blade server that I recently got for almost free.
I was thinking of possible usage, what do you suggest? how about bitcoin mining? Please suggest best route .
Also i don’t have to pay for electricity.

HP BladeSystem bc2000

20 blades
Each blade consist following
4gb ddr2 memory
1 160gb sata HD
1 Amd65 athlon X2 dual core processor

Hi @adam_kc , Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

I would advise against using a server for mining. I actually have a AMD Opteron Bulldozer 32 core server I tried using back in the day but the hashrate is painfully low. AMD Athalon X2 would maybe get around 20-30Sols/s on Zcash.

For context: the least powerful ASIC on Zcash gets around 15,000 Sols/s and that currently makes about $2.00 a day.

30 Sols/s is 500 times less than that, so the profit for 30 Sols/s would be around $0.004 a day. Or about $1.00 a year.

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any suggestions on what to do with this server.

the only reason i was thinking mining is because my electricity is free.

I’m not sure, you could start a hosting service?

Only thing that comes into my mind is mining a CPU coin. Maybe mining Verus Coin with these or just check out any of the other CPU mining algos and the projects/coins on them. Pretty sure there are some coins that can be cpu mined with your server.
It’s another story than if these projects have future or not…

I have a hunch your electricity isn’t free. It’s just not paid for by you. Don’t burn someone else’s money to earn crypto pennies on the dollar. Please.


My old macine runs boinc, its a distributed computation system where the work it does is meaningful even though I may not earn much money, few dollars a week (it doesn’t cost me much so I dont care, its supported by the NSF)
This “money” is grc and they have a technical thread here (boinc-rigs) about people setting up old machines to do just that ; )

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I respect @adam_kc request and there is no need to judge someone for being transparent. There could be multiple reasons why he doesn’t pay eletricity, it’s not part of the conversation. He asked what could be a good use for this machine , we shouldn’t derail conversation on the details…

Grid is a solid solution, not only for mining, but actually helping out research groups around the world.

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Exactly, If you are into profit, you can create / host your very own Root-Server service and rent 15 seats for a few bucks (keep the other 5 blades as spare).