Old wallet restart - address not in the list


I used one of the first version of the ZCash wallet to create a transparent address and start receiving funds from a pool:

cash RPC client version v1.0.3-c28a368

I now want to see how much I received, and withdraw some of it to another address. I did not update the software to avoid any wallet corruption, and just restarted zcashd but I cannot access to my address, and get weird results:

mymac$ zcash-cli listaccounts
    "" : 0.19704492
mymac$ zcash-cli z_getbalance "xxx-my-t-address-xxx"
mymac$ zcash-cli z_listaddresses

Balance is correct when I input my address, and slowly raising with confirmed transactions, but the address I created then is not showing in the list, why??

For the moment, zcashd is still downloading transactions (37000 so far)

Should I wait for all transactions to process? How to transfer the funds to another transparent address - if this is possible with the above issues? I am not very familiar with crypto currency. Should I update my zcash client? How should I do this in a secure manner, without corrupting my wallet or risking to loose my funds?

Thanks for your help !

EDIT: doing zcash-cli z_exportwallet /path/backup.txt seem to work and saves the list of all addresses, including the one with funds, and what must be the private key. I guess that's all I need to recover my account if this client won't work? Is there a way to use ZCash without zcashd downloading all blockchain ?

no, you've gotta download the whole blockchain.....buy hey, at least its not gonna take over a week like with bitcoin, right? :slight_smile:

Well.... it took a good 12 hours...

Anyway, my balance is now complete and I am testing transactions, which seem to work, despite z_listaddresses stays empty...

ah, z_listaddresses is going to show you just your zaddrs, not your taddrs!

listunspent will show you all the unspent UXTO in all your taddrs, hope that helps!

This is a ux issue on the command line. I would put it under user support @paige