Proposal: Art for Privacy Awards (Premios Arte para la Privacidad)

Hello to the entire Zcash community!

A couple of days ago I signed up for a new project that will push the narrative of financial privacy online by leveraging the power of art. I am very pleased to share with you the details of my recent Minor Grants application.

The “Art for Privacy Awards” consist of an open call for traditional and Web3 artists who must create original works of art that will be awarded $ZEC in this contest. The creative works will have to be based on three main themes:

  • The mission of Zcash.
  • The Cypherpunk Manifesto by Eric Hughes.
  • Any relevant historical event regarding privacy.

The disciplines admitted for the first edition will be music, photography, poetry and digital art (illustration, gif, 3D).

For this project I will have the advice of Aida Pippo who is one of the organizers of the “Premio B.Arte” awarded by the ONG Bitcoin Argentina.

I am requesting $9k to cover the prizes for the artists as well as the creation of the website, digital identity of the project (logo, branding), paid marketing on social networks and a payment for those of us who organize the event.

The operation of the project requires: creation of a website, creation of the project’s digital identity, preparation of bases (terms and conditions) for the contest, formation of a qualified jury with experience in art, privacy and blockchains (at least in 2 of these areas), preparation of forms for the reception of works, call.

Those of us who live in the Zcash ecosystem face a problem… most people think that Bitcoin and the other protocols protect their privacy when they do not. People tend to confuse what privacy is and where there really is, or else, they simply do not give value to this important issue. So, the goal of this contest is to reach as many artists as possible so that they can join in giving the message that privacy is normal and a fundamental human right by promoting the principles of Zcash and the original Cypherpunks.

In previous editions of the Premio B.Arte award, approximately 400 works of art have been received. I hope that at Zcash we can match or even improve that figure.

Art has enormous power when it comes to transmitting messages, so here we have a valuable opportunity to give the message of privacy to the world with the help of artists.

I have written about my project “Art for Privacy” on my blog at Free2z, I recommend reading:

For my part, I am a musician and composer member of the Zcash community in Spanish with more than 20 years of artistic career, I have toured Germany, Holland, Italy, Suriname, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. I have dedicated the last few years to studying the philosophy of art and the significance it has on human life through the language of symbols. You can see some of my work on my YouTube channel:

I greatly appreciate the community’s support for this initiative. I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions.

Andrés Palmar.


Art is a great way to teach and learn about Zcash.

Good proposal!


This is a great idea for creating buzz and new content. Buzz for Zcash and for upcoming privacy artists - we need both :smile:

Good proposal @palmar!

We are the Zeal!!


Thank you! Much success with your proposal too.

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Yes, in the proposals that I have seen of this type, there is good traction. So I hope it helps spread the privacy narrative more and better!

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