Others platforms and expansion


Hello , I would like to congratulate the initiative safer digital currency. I'm brazilian and here the digital currencies are not fully "reliable" by users, but, this growth. I wonder if there is forecast to expand to other platforms ( eg Windows ) and how I can help to expand the concept Zcash for my region?

Thanks and regards,
Pablo Coelho.


We want to support all the platforms that Bitcoin itself supports, but we don't know when that will happen.


Hello Pablo! Pleased to meet you. I'm very interested in the expansion of Bitcoin in Argentina, Venezuela, and Brazil, and I would be happy to learn from you how Bitcoin and Zcash are perceived in Brazil and how we can reach and communicate with Brazilian users.

Currently it only runs on Linux, not on Windows, and anyway the current version is only a "Technology Preview" release without any real permanent value — it is just temporary play money for R&D purposes.