Outdoor mining "house"

Having in mind to use something like the attached pictures for 4-5 mining rigs. Of course I will use fans for in and out air (a lot of them). Problem is that temperature in my country during summer period may be over 40 °C for a few days. Unfortunately “house” will be exposed on the sun.

Paint the house white and add an aircon unit? :slight_smile:

If you have the space, get a shipping container. must more secure

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problem is not the space, problem is temperature during summer season

there is no chance with an aircon.

Why no chance with aircon?
There’s more than enough smaller units to choose from and surely paying more to keep the place cool and not ‘on fire’ is within budget if you’re as serious as making as farm as you seem to be :slight_smile:


Because i already have 6x1080 Ti rig and to keep cards cool in the house need one aircon 24x7 during summer.

Now, as i told u before i plan something like that exposed directly to the sun at 40 C. Maybe the aircon can keep cool the atmosphere there but not with 4-5 rigs. Not a chance actually.

Lastly, all farms use fans to refresh the air not aircons…

aircon and fans. because you will blow in at least 40 degrees inside there + it is directly at sun so you will lose everything because it will just burn. no chance to place it behind a house or at least some trees?

Yeh well my first thought is, put som solarpanels over it! Both blocking out the sun and giving you free energy daytime.

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it depends how you put them. if directly on the roof it won’t change much to internal temperature.

Solar panels for at least the aircon unit. Also think about the exhaust hot air, try some fan blowing outside as well. If security is an issue get shipping containers they are cheap (at least where i am from)but you will need to insulate the interior with plywood or else it will be an inferno inside of it.

Well security is not an issue, this is why i think of using a plastic box - house and not and an iron container. Plastic will be much cooler. What i have in mind is using 3-4 fans for blowing outside the hot air and 4-5 fans blowing inside the “cool” air. Will it work? At the attached picture u can see how I mine atm. Something like that but bigger is what i have in mind.

I don’t know if plastic will be much cooler, but how big are those fans? they look pretty small to me. do you have neighbors?

Have you thought about just building a full on mineral oil cooling system? Sounds like you are willing to make the necessary investments - I haven’t seen it used for a mining rig, but I have to imagine it would work and solve your heat issues (you would need massive airflow with huge volume to push out all the hot air that would get trapped in a shed with that many cards and rigs going)

plastic is going to be much cooler than iron.

it seems you know what you do so, good luck…

Take a look at Envion project for green energy mining. They have a promotional video and show more or less the things they added to their container. There are a few things you coulf easily copy from them to make your op more heat resilliant.

Can you post a link?