Rig inside a room or outside (balcony)

Hey guys,

its summer time, getting 35-40c outside (23c in the shade), the room i have the rig in is like a sauna, and i have a pretty big balcony, with a cool area not exposed to the sun.

i was thinking of moving the rig outside to the balcony - what do you guys think ?

i should ofcourse clean the fans every Friday with the air spray.

You would be better off trying to find a way to vent the room. It would be too risky out on a balcony. Ignoring temp issues, all sorts of critters could make their way into it. What if there’s a crazy hurricane like storm and the rain decides to go sideways hitting the machine? :wink:

If u find a solution it will be interessting

Choose inside because for many reasons. Cool the room with the cheapest air conditioner and you are good to go. GL

this guy build somting outside hes house. How to Keep Your Mining Rigs cool in the Summer - YouTube

it looks nice, i`ll be doing something similar, but i fail to understand how does he get cool air inside… i see nothing on the sides to create it… and on 35c outside i highly doubted any air will come in…

better hope no risers catch fire… hope he is using ver006 or above without the extensions

So this is what i did eventually

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is that top vent waterproof?
it looks clean, but did you test itwhen it’s raining?

Dont need to, its a closed space, there’s a roof on top just like a room, and i got about 7-8 meters away from an open space.

also, i live in Israel, rain is not due until December :slight_smile: