Crossair HX1000I paperclip connection does not power up

Hey guys,

just bought it, and i want to run it as a secondary PSU, i connected leg 16 and 17 (all wires are black, but according to the pinout 16 is the green wire and 17 is black ground) - it makes the "click" noise, and the fan spins for a few seconds, but it does not stay up.

any idea?

thanks. (i ordered ADD2PSU but it will take 2 weeks to arrive)

Dual PSU 24 Pin (20+4) Power SuppLink Cable for 2 Power Supplies

and if you run 3PSU together:

Triple PSU 24 Pin (20+4) Power SuppLink Cable 3 Power Supplies

Thanks for that, but it will take ages to get here (Israel)

Any idea about why doesn't the clip part work ? i need a temp solution until this arrives.

Thanks, i saw that, not sure how it would help me though. i`m clipping on the cable side, not directly in the PSU. PIN 16 +17

I can ship DHL to Israel, 3-7 days ETA. few days to pack and get it shipped out. I have them in hand.

Regards, Thoth

you just plug the mobo cables for both PSU into the female adapters
this way they both power on and off together

if the primary goes off, so does the secondary

the way you are doing it is dangerous

from corsair homepage :slight_smile:

Thanks, regular mail should also be fine, as long as i find a temp solution to get that PSU running

i just need it for 1 week until the parts will arrive, its a shame to not use 3 1080 TI for a week because i can't get that PSU running

Thats exactly what i`m doing. i hear the "click" and the fan turns for a second, but then stops.

i have 6 1080tis waiting to be built, dont feel so bad

not fair.. you are a pro .. i`m an amateur, my pocket hurts way more :wink:

seems it need some loading....
take a look here

select PSU Paper Clip Test

PSU Paper Clip Test

Testing our power supply without the use of your motherboard is generally pretty simple. Below we will show you how to test all our PSU's.

To start off you will need the following:

Corsair power supply
Power cord
ATX 20-24 pin PSU connector and 4 Pin Peripheral Connector
**One or more case fans**

** 2/3 pin case fan connector to Molex adapter if needed**

tried to connect a fan .. changed nothing

step by step video demo test on corsair 1000 :slight_smile:

another guy using exactly PSU as yours, try connect it with PCIE :slight_smile:
good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

this is the most worthless video i have ever watched :smiley:

this guy writes in the title he made it work, but doesn't show how

The video show the guy connect it with VGA card via PCIE cable.
did you try connect it with PCIE to VGA card to test?

i think i partly solved something, i connected a DVD and then i saw it was actually up

so i found this part:

The Corsair Power Supply power supplies offer a unique fan control system, called Hybrid Silent Fan Control, which is part of the reason that they are so quiet. The 120mm cooling fan is enabled with three modes of operation. These modes are automated by the internal fan control circuitry and optimize both the thermal performance and fan lifespan, while minimizing audible noise.

in short... fan is not spinning untill its hot.

so assuming the PSU is active, Connected the PCIE 8pin + 8pin, but the card is not detected.. i tried to replace raiser and even change PCIE slot.

Normal. Those psu fan are working only when power is high. If not load on the psu no fan are spinning. Very quiet :blush: