Peacemonger for ZCG, June 2024

Hey community,

I am formally nominating myself for a position on the Zcash Community Grants committee. This year, I’ve been engaged in the community through my project ZURE (Zcash User Research & Engagement), which has provided me with unique insights about Zcash users and a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within our ecosystem. My core mission is and always has been to drive ZEC user growth, to give Zcash the best fighting chance out in the real world. As a member of ZCG, I would leverage my research and experience to encourage and support projects that align with our community’s values and long-term objectives.

My background: former Head of Product Marketing at Electric Coin Company. 15+ years of startup marketing, 15+ years of copywriting, 8+ years of product marketing, 7+ years of content management and strategy.

Apologies for this rushed last-minute post. I will continue to add more details about my vision and the contributions I hope to make. In the meantime, thank you for considering my nomination.


This is great news :tada:
Welcome to the race @peacemonger :zebra: :zebra: :zebra:


Thanks, Ryan :slight_smile:

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