People claiming they got the holy grail (nvidia miners with high sol/s)

I want to ask people to be carefull as listed in the main topic BEWARE of Suspicious Links there are some indicators on why poeple might be bogus

  1. newly joined users, from the most people claiming to have something and perhaps with a screenshot their accounts seem to be brand new. This doesnt have to be bad … but would a newbie give the good code?

  2. nearly no proof, an i can fake my own screenshots so unless there is actual other users confirming that it works, dont assume its anything.

  3. why would they start screaming stuff without having anything to show for and not even publishing their alfa code. even unstable the code can be checked by people and some idea can be given. So far a few still havent published anything and seem just to brag about it. Wouldnt be that hard to wait 1 or 2 days to post WITH code/downloads
    some experiance coders like @Genoil or @jdw32 and others that are pretty well known, yeah they can post as you know they will actually send something on the wire

  4. So far there is only 1 higher performaning that works that is listed here Miner- CUDA Equihash (with devfee) - #115 by jakobito from @zcminer-dev and even as its not open source and taking a 10% devfee you can easily get 50-55 sol/s on a non-overclock card (sadly Linux only, but dev said perhaps next week a windows one with a more fair devfee)

i would love for a great Cuda miner to apear, but for now its only rumours and people that are full of shit

perhaps the mods might wanna limit ‘claims’ topics on new miners from unknown users that do not provide any real proof beyond a (fake?) screenshot.


Looks like you called that one. Always be wary, folks. Especially when the claims sound too good to be true.