Please stop dumping coins

Hey all,

I know we all want to make some money on this but the price is dropping so hard. Please refrain from dumping all coins on the market. Supply is still very limited so we can bring the price back up.

Thank you for your time.

You’re trying to spoil our Dig ‘n’ Dump ?

There really is no choice if you want to hang on to any value. Since you will be paid more tomorrow for the same work you did today, due to the Block Reward increase, the deflation is guaranteed.

Welcome to high frequency trading.

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Too many coins have been killed by either hyper inflation or hyper deflation. Was hoping this could be different.

ZEC is still trading above 1 BTC. There is nothing you or I or anyone else can do to prevent this price drop, because ZEC is not going to be ‘worth’ more than 1 BTC, when the price settles.

And, actually this is inflation, not deflation. As in, the value of each coin is going down because the supply is increasing. That’s inflation.

Deflation is bad for national economies, but it’s great if you’re holding currency.

But this isn’t really inflation or deflation. There is nothing regular about the current supply or demand, and so it would be silly to try and make out that there is a trend. In three weeks we will know where things are headed. Today all we know is Zcash generated a lot of launch buzz.

Thank you for the info.