Zec or zec? zcash or zcash?

Just wondered what people thought.

Your choice will be made public once the poll is closed. so you can see who picked what.

  • ZED-Cash
  • ZEE-Cash

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  • ZEC - Sounds like SEC
  • ZEC - Sounds like SEEK

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Will close it in a week or two, maybe later if I forget.


I will close this poll in a couple of days. :slight_smile:

Okay, I am typing this before I close the poll. But this is 100% binding poll, there is no controversy.

Everyone is encouraged to disparage others opinions. this is a 100% subjective, so it doesn’t matter. please take it in all good fun.

With that the poll is now close. although I might need someone to reply before I can laugh at people who don’t agree with me. I said ZED-Cash and zec as in SEC. I am English, feel free to point and laugh, so have at it.


edit: well shit, it looks like Im the only one who know how to say it properly.- thanks box. I will unleash my tirade against the zee-cashers - im pretty astonished. even the English are disavowing their own education in favour of internationalisation. im really surprised.

just replying so you can post again …

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right, I don’t know where to start here.

(if you are ESL you get a free pass on this.)

you are all wrong 'uns. except the people that said zee-cash and seek. at least you are consistent, mistaken but not a wrong 'un. but the rest of you, idk smh. some should know better… you know who you are!


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I have always said Zeee cash and ZeeeC, somewhat consistent in my mind at least :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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whilst I disagree with your choice, you are certainly normal - and I respect your consistency. :wink: - the others, on the other hand, they worry me :grimacing:

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Zeek? That’d make us ‘zeekers’. Zeekers of what? Knowledge? Fortune? Maybe regular seekers of something but with a German accent.

Much happier being a ‘Zecker’, even if thats a disturbing Serbian verb involving bunnies.

As for ZED, only Brits & Canadians say that instead of ZEE, maybe other fragments of former English Empire… and the evil guy in Superman, no wait, that was ZOD…

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Lol! Mother Zecker.

Come @ChileBob lets sit in a circle. Let me sing you the song of my people!

Anyway Ive been meaning to ask you but I keep forgeting.

Dont you @ChileBob ians have like the best red vine in the world?

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followers of the cult of zook? :stuck_out_tongue:


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Lol you guys are the best :heart:

Glad you didn’t post anything from ‘The New Zeekers’ , ZZ Top (much better)

Edit: Thanks for that link BTW, I rediscovered Jefferson Airplane & been playing it loud in the office all morning, my co-workers are now trying to decide if I’m :-

  • Nuts
  • On something
  • Older than dirt
  • …all of the above

Edit: Office rules ‘you can play it loud, but if everyone hates it you get to buy lunch’


Carefuly tip toe - ing around the question about Chilean vine I see :rofl:

Never mind I know its good I tried it several years ago my dad got some after his student completed his phd thesis. It was some red vine in a wooden box dont remember the brand, but it was very very good!

There’s lots of good stuff here :wink:

Good. Next year around halving time when Im taking my trip around the world with my profits I will make sure to stop by and try at least the best stuff!

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Let’s just call em both (also neither), Zee-eck and Zee-ed cashes
Zee-ed-eck, sounds futuristic ( like the future name of the micro zec hmmm…’ )

  • Nee-ther
  • Nie-ther

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I am sorry but ZED - cashers really hurts my tongue. Doesnt it feel hard to pronounce to someone who is a native English speaker? Is it just me?

For non American English, British English for example the Z is pronounced ZED. ZEE-Cash sounds like someone doing a bad french accent trying to say “the” cash. (to those brits old enough think 'allo 'allo)

In US English the ZEE inflection goes up at the end, in British English it goes downwards. hence why if you call it ZEE-Cash it would make sense for you also to call the asset ZEEK.

I think sometimes I call it zeecash (not 100% sure, but if I have I was clearly in a state of inebriation), but I always read it as zed-cash.

Also since I am the only person in the world that seems to call it zed-cash, wtf did no one correct me at anypoint in any of the livestreams? huh? thanks @sonya, great moderation. a quick “steve, you sound like a spaz, it is called zeecash” would have been nice. :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually say both depending on what sounds phonetically better in the sentience or who I am around. I don’t notice the difference, or when I am doing it.

but when I read the word I read it as “niether” in my head. same with “eether” and “eyether”

I read “Eh” as phonetically sounding the same as the letter “a” and no idea what “ayyy” should sound like, I assume it is meant to be “eh”. (meh is still meh and not may tho, lol)

(my spell checker is having a fit)

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I know I lived in Leeds when I was a kid. The ZED doesnt bother me its saying ZED CASH the D in ZED sounds too “hard” for me next to the c.