POLL: What are your plans for the Zcash you Mine?

Miners love to talk about their rigs, show off hashrates, etc .. so what are they doing with all the zec fresh off the block?

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I'm holding. Goes direct to Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.

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I'm holding it hoping for a nice increase.

Holding and have been for weeks now,direct to nano s

sold, changed to monero and benchmarking other algos

Holding. And hoping that one day...
Sometimes praying. :slight_smile:

Holding some and changing some to other alts.

Stop mining, it is cheaper to buy ZEC ... I still waiting for the expected ground.

D to the U to the M to the P

At current price I'm simply holding.

Not a very smart statement considering it completely depends on your mining circumstances. I mine cheaper than current price.

Every one is holding then why the price going down...?

dumping the moment i get them

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Dump now and buy back at lower price...

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hold them % to at least cover power cost rest I keep

I meant that I stopped mining ...

I am new to Zcash mining. I do have have Zcash or ZEC address and would like to have one. Can any one help.

Hold it and hope for better rates!