Ported my responsive mining calculator to ZEC, please give feedback!

For all you miners that hate using the non-mobile friendly calcs out there, I’ve ported my responsive mining calculator to ZCash.

Check it out and give feedback please!



Very nice man, I just test it.
Long live open source

super, work good thank you :wink:

Coll, didn’t know about this one.
Works perfect.

Would be cool if you can pull the actual price of each coin automatically. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys!

@Anorak it should pull price of coin automatically. Was it not working for you?


This is the calc when I open up the page.


In Edge and IE11 it works. In Firefox it does not.
Just found out why. The Plugin HTTPS Everywhere blocks it. When I disable it in Firefox it works.
Do you pull the values over https?

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This is the api call for the price, not using https :S

However, the difficulty call uses https, weird how that works

Easy fix.

Use the API over https too. :slight_smile:

Done! Thanks for your help

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I have only a very few favourites in my browser. Your calc now is offically in the top row of my browser. :tada:

It’s absolutley fantastic, thank you for your work on this.

Diff Change does not affect profit over time, even at stupid high values.

There is literally a red line of words that explain your question under the calculator

Ups. :grin:

Yes of course, didn’t read that.

Cheers guys :smiley: It’ll get better once the slow-start ends and I can enable the changing difficulty factor on the graph.

Also all these GPU miner improvements have been wrecking havoc on accuracy. Cut it out Claymore! :stuck_out_tongue:


Great job there!

I’m also working in some tools for mining zcash, GPU performance charts, etc.:

I liked very much the increasing difficulty graph, I need one of those too! :slight_smile:
Have you thought about changing difficulty for network hashrate?

Have fun,