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I5-2310 @3.2GHz 4GB ddr3 Ram | nheqminer on Windows 7 | 7.6Sol/s (i can’t printscreen atm)

treads, from 12 to 24 …

Sorry for hijacking this thread but could someone compile a list of open-source miners (both CPU and GPU) with their performance. I’ve been out of loop for more than a month and too lazy to scan through a pile of new threads about mining software.

72 Sols/S

i7 5930K and two GTX 970 :wink:

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Nice ! So, what miner you using ? I’m using the last version of your windows build and those vids card aren’t doing anything for me :frowning:

What is -cd 0 1 for ?

HMMM would it stand for : CuDa ???

Probably is c for CUDA 0 for the first GPU and 1 to the second GPU, this miner isn’t released yet :frowning:

I just want to mine with my poor GTX 550 Ti

19.7 sol on an overclocked Haswell-E on 14 threads.

Kinda interesting a CPU beats most GPUs at the moment.

Jezus, port that miner to AMD right meow!

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woah this miner can use the CPU and the GPU’s at the same time ? No need for a separate instance ?

Nop. And when we add OpenCL, you will be able to simultaneously mine CPU+ NVIDIA CARD(s) + AMD CARD(s) all from a single process.

We believe CPU mining will play important role in Zcash mining as currently, CPUs are more efficient than GPU miners and over time, this efficiency ratio probably won’t change much.


my r9 290 rigs run multiple gpus with this miner Open Source ZEC (ZCash) GPU Miner AMD & NVidia (up to 45 sol/s on RX480) however any rig with some r9 290s mixed with r9 380s, getn an open cl error and crash the program. anybody know why?!

Is there a way to use the NiceHash miner or something similar to mine directly to my ZEC address instead of having to receive BTC?

OCminer has his own pool version available. Check his help page

XFX DD Black R9 390’s do 19 Sols on windows 10 pro

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So far testing rigs with a mix of gpu’s like R9 290’s and 390’s the miner crashes. Same with R9 390’s with RX 480’s. nheqminer

xeon e5 2670 using 6 out of 8 cores, 12gb ram avg 9.85 sol/s

is anyone going to answer our question
why does miner crash if there are differant cards aka some 290s mixed with 380s

hmm not really fast for such a powerfull CPU …