R9 270X benchmark?

I’m having trouble matching up the various metrics used to compare various GPUs. Before diving headfirst into all this, I’m just trying it out on my basic computer, which already has a 270X GPU. I don’t think this would be a good setup for anything very useful, but apparently it’s a legit if slow GPU for mining. It’s a 2G version with GPU clock 1070 MHz. Running the nheqminer with 23 Sols/s. Does that seem reasonable?

No, wrong mining software for GPU

OK… so what is the right software?

Here you go:

Well that looks a little better with Claymore, lol 180 H/s in benchmark. Thank you.

Just started actual mining and showing 173. I’m sure there’s some tweaking to be done. flypool page giving confusing results as it often seems to do, so I have no idea if I’m in synch right now or not. My zecminer64 seems to think it’s doing something useful though…