Power problems, which psu to buy

So i have a 800 w gold raidmax , which i have 2 x msi 1080 TI armor on them + cpu motherboard and ssd.
On the 2nd one i have a 735 w bronze raidmax which are 2x msi 1080 ti armor.

So i noticed psu problems, seems its not enough power, i wanna switch the 735 w for a better one , and switch 800 w to power only 2 cards and get a new PSU for 2 cards and cpu motherboard and ssd.

Which one would u prefer from these choises and why.
Its a serbian website, but u can see the models they have.

atm they are pulling from 600-650 sols, since i reduced the power on them massivly.

Hey man, can you please tell me how much your 1080 ti armor is consuming? I ordered 3 for a 6x 1080to rig and want to calculate how much power i need for the armors for how many sols, if you could tell me your configs with sols and wattage would be a great help