Prebuilt Eth/Zec Mining Rigs in Bangalore

Hi All,

I’ve been into mining for a while, started with Ethereum in August this year post the introduction of the RX 470 cards, which is the first time mining at India’s temps and electricity costs made sense.
I have already almost recovered my initial investment, and am bullish on the future of crypto currency mining.
I grew my personal setup to 1000MH/s at which point I hit the electrical capacity of my current apartment. So I began building rigs for other people. I have sold a few Rigs in Bangalore and in Delhi.
I use Bios Mods and Voltage tweaks to keep power consumption to under 100W per card while getting 25.5 Mh/s (Eth) or 170 Sol/s (Zec).

I use ONLY Sapphire RX 470 4GB cards, and ONLY Corsair Gold PSU’s. I have an assortment of aluminium/wood open air frames for 4,5 or 7 card setups. I also have larger dual frames, which can hold two of these setups in one frame for 8, 10 or 14 cards. I prepare these setups per the target power capacity and electrical plug quality. I do not recommend anything over a 10 card setup for a single outlet, unless its a high capacity Power outlet.
My cost structure is simple : 25k per card. So a 4 Card Rig is 100K, a 5 Card Rig is 125K, a 7 card Rig is 175K and so on. These prices are non negotiable unless you are placing a large order, in which case I may be able to negotiate a better price from my supplier and pass that benefit on to you.
The only payment option is direct bank transfer, and you will be transferring money directly to my supplier. He will issue all component bills in your name, and future warranty related claims are to be settled directly with him so I suggest you keep the bills safe. Once my supplier receives the payment and confirms it to me, I will get to work on the Rig, and usually take 2 days post money transfer to get the Rig ready.

For this price I offer a set of compatible parts assembled in a frame with Windows 10 and the relevant Mining software and settings pre installed, and setup to mine automatically when powered on, and to resume mining incase of power failure. The Rigs are pretty much plug and play as long as you plug in power and an ethernet cable. I also offer WiFi connectivity at an additional cost of 1k per rig. Here are some images for reference :

Please bear in mind, I do not earn much from this hobby, and do it primarily because it interests me, and i’d like to see the Indian mining scene grow.

Availability/sourcing issues mean that some components keep changing, but here are the common staples :
Sapphire RX 470 4GB OC ( Ref design )
Corsair CS750M or RMi1000 power supply
4GB Ram ( DDR3 or DDR4 depending on setup )
CPU + Motherboard - keeps changing based on availability
Phillips surge protector
Open Air Wood/Aluminium frame

For an additional cost, I will provide smart power strips (smarteefi) for remote management.
I will give you a brief lesson on Mining if you purchase a rig from me, but I do not offer post sales support.
I do not ship to other locations ( shipping a few Rigs to Delhi taught me its too much of a hassle ) and I sell locally in Bangalore Only.
If interested, drop me a msg at 8971925897 mentioning that you read this at Zcash forum, and I will respond. please do not call, as I do not receive calls from unknown numbers.

@deadsix Do you still build ready to mine rigs ?
Please PM me if you do.