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Interesting. The whale special?

I am and I claim that not forking away decimated the community numbers that supported Zcash. I also did an analysis few weeks back how PoW coins were backed by electricity needed to mine them, and by switching to ASICS this value decreased quite a lot.

Zcash spread like crazy with word from mouth to mouth, people mined with their existing cards, then bought rigs and started investing. How many non crypto friends can you convince to invest in chinese machines with 2 months warranty ?


It’s 6 months but whatever man.

Let’s see where zcash will be in a year and all the other coins that have forked. Stop the FUD.



Hmm, used to be 2 months, I see they changed it now, probably because new batches cannot be overclocked. Increase in difficulty will help zcash price, hopefully new batches get released soon, so miners stop selling and start waiting for better price.

Blocks of 200 ZEC that close to Sapling activation could make life interesting.

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@johnwisdom I agree that we should try to keep the ASIC debating in the ASIC thread and not get bogged down with it in this Price Speculation thread. Let’s talk about ASIC mining

As long as @Trololino makes thier ASIC points relevant to possible effects on price, they are fine here too. ASIC vs GPU arguments should be in the ASIC thread.


I don’t have analytical facts to prove ASIC’s f***ked ZCash, but my belief is that they have not been any help. Miners were surely hosed, however, and their excuses not to fork - however valid or not - were poorly contemplated. Besides, ZCash is in the toilet anyhow right now.

My hunch has been all along is what someone posted above with the crash example, points I raised before crypto shit the bed. We’re in a new era where only the strong survive. Zcash will be one of the survivors for the long term if they don’t screw it up.

I’m feeling like it’s just best to wait 10 or 15 years for things to start popping and not pay it any mind until then…


The price will go up when the temperatures start to go down. We all know that miners are dumping coins to cover expenses right now. A school of minnows can grow to the size of whale.

Who is we?

Can you share any type of proof? Or are you just spreading FUD?

Can we please stop repeating the same argument over and over in the Price Speculation Thread?

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some people just aren’t built to moderate. this is a great example of that fact. been asked why i stopped posting more detailed market information, and the simple fact is, stuff like this irritates me. only reason i continue to post here is some people have told me privately (for whatever reason) my posts make them feel better during downturns. if you don’t like what i’m thinking in the speculation thread; change my mind. i’m an open thinker, and love debate. would’ve been better to just ignore my post if you don’t like it.


ZCash back to rank 20 soon?

I see some solid traction in south korea markets (bithumb 9M$ in trading volume)

and upturns too,
you always keep our mood positive kek! +++


+1 for @kek like your speculations and analyses. Keeps you motivated on downtrend and focused on the way up!


+1! I really appreciate your feedback and comments about markets and price speculations.


Should we all put a blindfold and ignore the market ? All the speculations you don’t like you call FUD.

FUD is an acronym for fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Sharing personal opinions not backed by any evidence is FUD, or am I wrong?
Lies are FUD, or am I wrong?

I’m sorry for not using synonyms or using other ways to put it.

Am I at least allowed to defend ZEC from poorly thrown reasonings that are not any good for zcash reputation?


What you are doing is sharing your opinions that arent backed with anything.You are spreading FOMO which is as dangerous as FUD.
Do you have any TA charts that support your theory that ZCash will soon stop tanking and bounce ?

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Being optimist on zcash in the zcash community forum sound more reasonable to me than posting facts that are not facts (in this case, specifically talking about “we all know that miners are dumping coins”).

I’m entitled to believe zcash has more potential than most coins, and as a developer I can ensure you it’s the case. Surely the tech is not related with the price actions, traders rule on price. But in the long run, for me, what is under the hood is what will make zcash thrive and be more successful than others.

I can ask the same.

Let’s not make this a personal exchange of opinions and get back to speculating.


@johnwisdom Look at this time last year.

Look at the end of the month specifically. That was the point of my last post.


It’s following BTC, unfortunately. People trading ZEC aren’t aware of the ASIC/GPU debate issues, or if they are they don’t care.


Just FYI, this is a speculation-based thread and nobody actually knows what will happen. I’m also positive on the Zcash price rising, the question is when.

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