Price Speculation

Yes there is… don’t sell!

Agree. The government gets a piece no matter what. I went the LLC route to make sure that mining and any investments made by others into my operation are kept separate. Pretty easy to do since most can be done online besides the local business license.

looks-like kraken added a ZEC/JPY pairing

outside of USD; JPY is our most neglected market.


apparently, there’s cool stuff going on “behind the scenes” most people wouldn’t know that unless you follow random low follower twitter accounts. people that don’t waste their time on twitter would never know this.


This is a really big improvement for ZCash, one I have been anticipating for some time.

Meanwhile, in South Korea…

cue dramatic chipmunk…

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Oh no another bleeding on the market

I’m not concerned that BTC droped 10% in a day, what makes me worried is that ZCASH lost more than 35% in ZEC/BTC ratio in past 2 weeks. I hope we can go up in next few days for that matter…

Another round of bleeding…

Edit: and sinking

Where is the world do you get 35% loss ?

The zec / BTC ratio 2 weeks ago was 0.042
The ratio today is 0.0401

SO! Lets try 5.2% loss in ratio between zec / btc BUT with BTC having increased 30% in value from two weeks ago compared to Zcash increase of 12% from two weeks ago

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If ether can stay above 780 we should be good


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Greetings everyone. 0123456789


\o welcome to the speculation thread!

happy to see ZEC holding-up okay compared to the rest. ZEC/BTC’s doing well.

ZEC markets are tricky… we’ve lost against USD, but gained against BTC last couple corrections. almost seems like people are using corrections to accumulate ZEC under the radar.

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I agree with you. Look at xmr and zec holding. Privacy is the leader

Well on February, 10th ZEC reached 0,059 BTC. Yesterday it was 0,038 BTC (Bittrex chart). Apparently ETH has the same problem as ZEC does. I don’t know if it’s beacuse of ZCL and ETC forks announcements or just the lack of any news from dev team. This prolonged overwinter upgrade i believe didn’t help either.

And its bleeding bad again zec just a little over 400

Month end is always bad. Miners are most likely selling to cover expenses. I would buy right now. Even if you buy one ZEC and it goes back to $450; you’ve made money.

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By the same argument, buy .01 zec; buy 1000 zec.

395 now …stop bleeding around 400 it held but not long
Edit:back at 400 hope it keeps above

Unleash the bulls!!!