Price Speculation

Cant see bulls anywhere and also what is making this drop?

Can we reinstate @AL888. Hearing him tell us that ZCash is going to crash to $150 is the good luck push we need.


Patience young grasshopper

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IMO the price of ZEC could be much cheaper. The release of Sapling will allow the price to reflect the tech of ZEC. Right now we are betting that all the development will still be completed. Right now it’s just accumulate and sleep!

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Looking forward to like 3 moths from now. Overwinter release combined with new marketing effort should bring some results. Right now we are just floating down the stream.

Post your opinion on ZCash and ASIC mining here:


I’ll have to add to that, appreciate you linking it in here! I agree with the majority of the community though, that staying ASIC resistant is a must!


Would be nice to see a retest of the 250 to 280 area from a few weeks back. Want some cheaper zec :slight_smile:

um, no. Buy Doge if you want something cheap.


Or go to the zcash ripoffs, hmm komodo, hush, bitcoin-private, some of them are very cheap at moment

What is going on zec Difficulty to mine ( I mean, last week it got bigger a lot)? Do you guys think this is someway positive?

Maybe those miners from XMR and ETH, as XMR mining is less profitable now.

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Possible flypools pool hashrate is the highest I’ve ever seen it

After seeing what happened to ZCL today (60% drop after the BTCP fork snapshot) I’m a bit releaved it didn’t happen here. It looks like ZEC is back at the top for NVIDIA mining. I was contemplating on using miningpoolhub but rather just stick to flypool for now since its still in the top 3 list.

zcl dropped because of the scamfork. no reason to have it now :stuck_out_tongue:

o.o what’s happening ? zcash network hash just jumped by 170Mhs+

Yep dif is also high and im making 30% less…

All the ZCL peeps looking to get in on the BCP action flocked to ZEC…which is what I don’t want…low difficulty = happy me.

…woowowow…ZCL really shit the bed, didn’t it?

-85% in less than 24 hours, that’s big crap!

Does anybody know if bitcoin private will be minable?

Guess it’ll be using equihash, so probably yes.