Price Speculation


I think the cycles are going to be compressing as we start entering the adoption S-curve. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the next bull cycle kick off this year. (Definitely could take longer, but I have a feeling it won’t)


How big do you think Sappling pump will be ? I am thinking short burst to 0.04 BTC

For the record I am not changing my tune, I always said Zcash has occasional pumps :stuck_out_tongue:


Green Valley!
Can’t wait to short XRP :smiley:


Every once in a while the overloads of the 3rd dimension throw humanity a bone…that bone is XRP. LOL


Also i think this sapling rally (which will ultimately be a trap for longs - in the short term - see post from 28 days ago for reasoning) has begun.

Double bottoms on price(106) and RSI.

Then if we zoom in on the hourly(i picked the 4hr) we see a nice little reversal pattern. To confirm pattern, price action would need to touch neckline.


Now only $36m away from Doge market cap, will be nice to take back our #20 place.


As long as the crypto market growths as a whole, we will get Doge in no time. From what I have noticed, when the crypto market is fighting for its life, Dogecoin is doing great and when the crypto market is doing well, DogeCoin is happy when it does not drop. I also read these ZCash predictions which are very positive. But we all know how these predictions usually work.


DOWN Doge, now STAY!

so, zcash was listed on cobinhood yesterday. never used this exchange before. anybody have any opinions on cobinhood?



we are close. THE DOGE FLIPPENING!


whilst i do belive twitter’s a huge waste of time ; i do check the ZEC cashtag pretty much daily …i’m noticing a definite shift in attitude towards zcash. the posts have shifted from negative to positive in the last couple weeks…

was enjoying the positive zcash posts, then i bumped into this poll

lmao no way these people really believe this.


Or the people who responded are just pretty ignorant of the current state of the projects


Only 183 votes. They must be ZCL bag holders trying to pump the price.


thats the marketing issue at Zcash I guess and of course some reallifebots and 183 voters are not really much or am I wrong?


The reason why ZCash is unknown to the masses is solely a failure of the ZCash Co for not making them aware of it. The brand will not grow organically or by word of mouth. It must be marketed and marketed well.

History is chock full of fabulous products which died or fell away simply because the people producing them didn’t know squat about marketing them. That ZCL has better TOMA than ZEC is bizarre, but shows the lack of work ZCash Co has done to market their brand.

While there may be excellent scientific and mathematical minds at ZCash Co, that does not mean they are good at marketing. What’s necessary is a professional executive staff of marketers to make sure the world knows of the true value ZCash offers it. Until that happens, the world will keep using garbage like XMR or ZCL…or any of the other privacy poseurs out there…


here’s another poll i found, and forgot to post that day. imo, this one’s a little more legit.

only 32% in that poll gives a flat out “no”
thinking to myself around a 1/4 of those people might answer differently if the question was structured differently.

42% are undecided or didn’t answer (i believe a large portion of “just show the results” are undecided) - marketing ?


What caused the price to spike just now ? I can’t find any news about it.


Pretty interesting



This makes no sense, he speaks of implementing zcash’s zksnarks into ethereum, nothing about Zcash news.