Price Speculation


john’s a good dude that sticks up for people. i respect that. you’re out here making goofy accusations with no proof of anything.


…here’s my prediction…fairly soon some folks are going to feel bad about their posts, volume will decrease & the fun value of this thread will fade.


If he stick you up this does not make him good :wink:


price speculation is not currently happening in the price speculation thread. this used to be a fairly on point thread, but seems to be getting worse by the day. should start a new thread for shitposting.


Price speculation not happening here because of people like you and johnwidom. You both spread cancer at this forum topic. You both should really go create your own radical “To the Moon” thread :joy:


been posting in this thread since it began. you’ve never offered your own price analysis in this thread. your opinion is not valid.


I was kinda hoping to see a period of 35-40 so I could get more ZEC on the cheap cheap…


good idea! 20 charac


I don’t offer my analysis because unlike you I don’t pretend to be qualified for doing this.

I come here to read others opinions and news shared here.
I don’t come here to read your fanatical and offensive posts.


Price speculation post should be posted based on some Technical Analysis of the charts and patterns, general price movements of the market, volume indicators, news that could affect the price etc. and not some blind belief


Its like comedy club😂 m


Complete speculation:

We’ve hit the bottom in terms of USD
We will see ZEC 50-100 fold in terms of USD over the next 2-3 years
ZEC will gain on BTC during that period (not seeing that now, but I believe we will)

Also @kek I still appreciate your posts. I’m not a trader myself, but do look for the good buying opportunities. (That said, I’m willing to sell at certain levels, they are just far higher than we’ve seen aside from the launch)


I’m thinking, if zec could add some extra to my pension fund, then i can retire peacefully😎


Speculation Definition: “The forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence”



I also take exception to people saying kek gives advice in this thread. I think it’s naive to think he is doing anything but serving his own interests. Why would you give any value to what an anonymous poster says on the internet?
Sapere aude


Let’s not get too carried away with piling on other forum members or calling names.

Nobody can predict the future which is why this is called the “Speculation” thread. Nobody should make investment decisions based on what another forum member posts.

Zcash is experimental and a work-in-progress. Use at your own risk. Never invest more than you can afford to lose, and beware of your own cognitive biases.


Just think its funny a post from like 3 weeks ago got flagged by a certain member on this forum because of my comments on their silver “analysis”. I said nothing derogatory .This same commenter is now making derogatory comments.


Something to lighten the mood, price prediction/guess/dream at 4:22 :slight_smile:


during my $ZEC cashtag lurk session found a gem. this fella seems to get it


Now is $250 possible