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What’s the ‘right mindset’ for trading ? How would you describe that perfect state of mind when you can look at a market & comfortably place huge orders?

I’m going with ‘inebriated sociopath’ :slight_smile:

(sorry, I’m bored, not bored enough to ‘break troika’ but I’m getting there…)


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Idk honestly im not an active trader, mostly just scower the news, here’s something terrifying
From article
The Ministry of Home Affairs on Thursday issued an order authorising 10 Central agencies to intercept, monitor, and decrypt “any information generated, transmitted, received or stored in any computer.”

Probably why they’re considering legalizing BTC


@Autotunafish And this is why VPN’s are so useful now a days… Not to go off topic…


That’s actually pretty neat, calling a heavy isotope of a different metal gold is kind of a stretch but we’ll see how it does, may actually send gold up, the idea of that stuff disappearing from Computing applications completely doesn’t really make sense and this new super copper would only enable greater Computing production, idk
(I assume they equated gold because of corrosion resistance but I wonder…, Platinum, palladium, iridium, tantalum are used because of their unique properties so yea we’ll see)


Yeah the headline is total click bate…I thought maybe the gold comparison was because of the size of the new fabricated atom.


Nobody’s talking about price here anymore? Capitulation reached?


trolls came in and conquered.


Well on the chart that @aeonglacial posted last week, its visible there is room for 3 more weeks of downtrend, 1 more week of recovery within range and then the breakout. Target price for this breakout could be 200-250$ then correction, and then continuation of pump towards 300-400$ if all plays right. That is about end of January, and Bakkt should start trading Bitcoin by then, which should lead to its recovery, but we will see.


This may be an early call but i think we are nearing a bottom against BTC.

I am also seeing sizable transactions occurring at support (also maybe some market manipulation seems like the same entity)

On the 20th of this month we saw some really big purchases at support:


Interesting, the number of connections to my node spiked, now five times average in the last 30 minutes.


How many connections do you have? I have mine at my shop and I haven’t been there to check it. I’m curious to know :slight_smile: Mine averages about 15-20 or so…but I let it go and check it’s status only once a day.

(It wold be really cool to see a GUI with a graph showing the number of connections over time)

This makes me think again on predictions to price trends….since it is the “Price Speculation Thread”…

Is there a relationship between node connections and price?

Volume and price?

Hashrate and price?

Transactions per hour and price?



Right now I’ve got 76, which is nuts.

Should correlate to the number of wallets online, which means ‘coins on the move’.

Edit: its 96 now!
Edit: 112

Edit: Thinking about this a bit more, it probably means ‘new wallets spooling up’, and the only reason to do that is to store coins.

Where’s my viking helmet? The one with the horns. Feeling bullish.


A little more digging, the huge majority of connections are coming from one IP address in Beijing !!


What’s the IP address in Beijing?

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inetnum: -
netname: TencentCloud
descr: Tencent cloud computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


I would block that ip.