Price Speculation


Hash rate since those with the first bitcoin didn’t really have a place to sell them.


I think the conclusion below fits it up much better: (taken from investopedia):

The net effect is that energy costs still comprise the majority component of bitcoin mining costs but exert minimal influence on its price. The energy costs associated with bitcoin mining operations ensure that it remains a significant barrier to enter the industry.


I know mining farms in my country that get 0.06$ / kWh electricity, but I as a small consumer have to pay 0.09$ / kWh.

Those farms can keep going a lot longer than I can.


Decision time is looming.

Bearish Cypher (USD)

Bullish Bat (BTC)


This is the kind of TA that is welcomed on price speculation topic :slight_smile:


How about a short narrative for each case, educate folks in the dark art of TA?


And they have to pay rent or buy large warehouses. You used your already existing space didn’t you?


Yes, that is true, also pay workers to do maintenance. But on large scale mining, they dont even feel that


how much do they have to pay? From personal experience i know that for about 100 asics and several gpu mining rigs all you need is 20 square meters. Just an elementary calculation in trololinos case: Compared to someone using 50 kw/h the advantage is about $1,200 per month vs. someone paying residential prices for electricity. So spending some $100-200 on renting some space per 50 kw/h usage is more than a deal…


The USD market has a trend channel that is tightening (meaning support and resistance are getting closer together) this typically means the market is trying to establish a new trend either; breakout or breakdown. Another way you can look at this is falling consolidation…or as @kek and i like to call managed selling.

I’m typically a swing trader and i love using harmonics to time my entries. So whats interesting to me is the bullish/bearish signs in different markets. The bat pattern has actually completed in the BTC market(September) which i think has always been a good indicator that some kind of bullish activity is looming. Here a trader would place an order at the completion of the c-leg aka feeling naughty and buying the D(hehe).

The Cypher pattern (a popular pattern favorite amongst FOREX traders for its high profitability performance) still needs to complete its c-leg, which corresponds to the buy in BTC.

Hope that helps.


Re-reading my post, it reads like a binary option.

Unfortunately a lot of what i am saying gets lost in experience, especially experience in what has worked for you.

What i am saying is that both harmonic charts - especially in the short term - have bullish signs. To where 400USD is a real possibility.


Thanks for sharing that, interesting stuff (at least to me).


This doesn’t seem quite as good as the book thing but whatevs (I get the farmer, people pay him to feed his animals for him that s pretty sweet)
Feed the chickens for 50 cents or cheer which turn on the lights also 50 cents


Crazy stuff people throw money on :smiley: Like the one milion pixels website


Merry Christmas everyone!:sapling:


Feliz Navidad (as they say here in the colonies)


"> CoinMetrics has stated they believe less than 20k legitimate BTCP coins exist in shielded addresses along with 1.7–1.8 million illegitimate coins. Our team is favoring an option to hard fork and remove all shielded coins from existence. While this would cause the 20k legitimate coins to disappear, we believe this is preferable to the alternative of leaving the 1.7–1.8 million illegitimate coins in circulation. This would also fix the over-supply issue.

It should be noted that in the original Zcash and Zclassic protocols, it’s possible to move coins out of shielded addresses, to unshielded addresses. Those who hold shielded BTCP coins are advised to do so immediately because the Bitcoin Private contribution team has said they are moving forward with this solution immediately.
" It would be interesting if the attacker were to do this.


No why would we want this


This is the dumb move. The attacker would probably sold of all his coin and the hard fork will only effect those who are holding the fake coin and this is probably exchanges too. What a mess. They also blaming a fault in trusted setup just to find a scape goat of their on problem of survival.


Yea btcp was a scam to begin with, was just sharing
Otherwise yep this is the nightmare scenario, maybe interesting to see how it unfolds for them