Price Speculation


things i’m finding interesting: gemini’s ZEC/USD pair is humming this AM; $771K volume. that pair is usually around $500K or less. also noticed bitfinex ZEC/USD pair is besting their ZEC/BTC pair again. kraken’s ZEC/USD pair is doing much more volume than usual too (up roughly $100K).


Happy New Year all :slight_smile:


Speculation on the placement in this chart, I asked so we’ll see what they say
Left columns look like tokens and stuff traders trade a lot so perhaps they’re being sold the most and moving right sold less? (in that left describes more moving out and less coming back and the right describes more coming in and less going out)
(It means something, that something could mean random but…)
It’s pretty idealistic but also kind of makes sense, IDK yet…


What’s the closing price? Hows the short coming along? Hit me up when you start covering.



your post got me thinking …we’ve had 2 sets of miners needing to make their initial ROI back in a very short timeframe. unsure that’s happened to any other cryptocurrency in such a short time period.


Tomorrow is annual proof of keys for BTC, are Zcash holders participating in this as well ?


…think someone at Lbank just coughed up coffee all over their keyboard. :wink:


Off topic: StarkWare and Zcash founder Eli Ben-Sasson -

How can you not smile at this community’s future? We’re like the new 1% LOLLOL


I have believed for some time that Ethereum and Zcash are the best two cryptos.


Ethereum gives me a weird feeling…its seemingly endless supply should scare away any investor. But i have always wondered if Ethereum is supposed to be a platform for various economic activities and ZEC is the money used for paying for goods & services and gas being used to power applications. idk


Ack. I’ll get back to you.


You have to remember, Crypto is not like normal money(assets). Once its gone, its gone.

People will die, Private keys will be lost, Coins will be sent to the wrong address, Coins will be lost and gone forever. A small bit of inflation for the rest of a coins life might not even outpace the rate of coins lost from accidents. So infinite issuance isnt as bad as it seems at first, if its low enough.


Makes some sense, but still, aeonglacial has a point. I mean from an investors POV there is a difference if you buy a coin that has 21M issuance or on that has 210B issuance at the end.

Actually the issuance can be modified as well just by adding another decimal at some time.

However, i’am not an ETH fan as well and prefer other Platform coins like Komodo, NULS & NEO as these look more promising to me than ETH, but that’s just my opinion on ETH.


the game Fortnite is acceppting Monero. Trash to trash.


Adoption is adoption. Doesnt matter if you think the game is trash. It has A LOT of players.


true. was just a rant against that game :smiley:


Never heared about that game, but everything where a given crypto is accepted it’s a plus, easy as that. If this game has a lot of players than it makes sense to make Monero popular to younger players and make them familar with Monero. Same goes for verge and pornhub for example. Not that i see such things as a real good deal, but still, at least it’s some use case.


yes, but should really everything be adopted by everything?


If you want to use crypto in the way it was created for, AKA digital cash, than yes, everything needs to accept it.