Price Speculation


alright, then I gonna make my own coin and if no one adopts it I gonna come back to you…


Nice! When is your new coin comming out, what kind of tech you going for? PoW/PoS? Privacy coin? Cant wait to see what you come up with!


actually in my opinion, the more legal adoption it has, the better. The more younger people get familar with crypto, the better. the more shops, industries, businesses, whatever are accepting crypto, the better. The more everybody uses everyday crypto the better our chances it gets accepted by different countries, cultures, regulators and so on … Every piece of adoption, even if done by a direct competitor is helping crypto in generally in my opinion…


I got that, but it is connected with risks if any coin will be adopted, I don’t mean specifically Monero, even tho I’m not a huge fan of it.


kraken ZEC/JPY pair update. increased action today.


Fortnite, pffff

I had to close all Tablets, PS’s and Laptops in tha house to prevent the kids from playing 24-7 hahaha
It’s the nr 1 game of the moment, aka digital heroin .
Would be nice if they accepted Zcash, the Fortnite market is huge.

That would do something for Zcash, sure of that.


Ok from coinlib concerning the placements quote
“Hi, there is no significance in the order. Things are placed where the graph will look better / less crowded”

It does look pretty good! (I think anyways)




I have heard of it though I’ve never actually played or seen it sounds like the new Halo, hopefully it doesn’t get hacked!


I envision a secure and encrypted messaging system for ZCash using Z => Z transactions. If I understand it properly, any message in a Z=>Z transaction should not be visible on the blockchain…that said, ZCash would serve as a very secure, private and anonymous system for exchanging messages that other services of the same type likely cannot provide.

If I could write an app to provide the service to make it easy, I’d do it…for every message sent the app creator would get 0.001 ZEC or something like that…Someone confirm Z=>Z messages are secure :slight_smile:


ZenCash AKA Horizen is trying to do just that. They are using the blockchain as a decentralized messaging platform that will be censorship resistant, based on Zcash tech.


as far as I know you can already send messages on zcash with the note field. zero issues


He means from a mobile device which hopefully will possible soon


people are starting to figure-it-out!

“SOURCES: NASDAQ CRYPTO AMBITIONS: “The listing of several coins will happen in 2019…”


Is it a must for a 49 year old guy? :smiley:


I’am very cautious with privacy, anonymity and security when it comes to mobile devices/cell phones.
After several reads how different agencies can install applications/software without your knowledge through the internet providers i somehow doubt this is a real secure & private way.

From my knowledge if a given agency wants to locate, listen or read on your mobile device they have no problem doing so, no matter what you are doing to prevent it. Or in other words, if you can read the message on the device, they can to. And this makes me cautious if private/anonymous messages on mobile devices are something that could be done indeed 100%.


Thats definitely possible, manual encryption could help with that



How. From the readings i had the conclusion is: What you hear on the mobile device they hear, what you write, they read, what you read they read. It’s all over what you do with your mobile device they can do.
Simple said, when you see someting on your mobile device screen, they see it too.

Damn, i even tested some years back some spy application on my wifes cell phone and it sent me even screenshots evertime something happened on her cell phone, no matter if sms, web page opened whatever. Ever key stroke generated a screenshot of her display. So how can you view a message without having someone else not viewing it. It’s not an ecnryption problem, it’s a problem that “they” can view what you view after the encryption/decryption.


It would require being done off device (with a burner) or on something that couldn’t be connected to, it’s really inconvenient, if you encrypt it using your own Cipher variation then it’s still just a matter of protecting your own keys