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Draghi said at the time that “no member state can introduce its own currency; the currency of the eurozone is the euro.”

Yea thats what you think! Roubinis partner in slime! Stop your criminal grandma!


Doing well so far. :wink:


Read another one recently about a googleplay BTC wallet removing privacy features


Here y’go -


This thing with China shouldn’t really be a surprise, we were talking about it the crackdown coming months ago
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I’m trying to evaluate how much of a competitive threat Beam and Grin are to Zcash. Am I understanding correctly that Grin’s coin supply is uncapped? It sounds like Grin’s current emission rate is 60 coins approximately every minute, forever (no slow down and no cap).


Pretty sure both are coming strong in my opinion.

I’am testing BEAM for some days now, mining it with the gpu’s i have left. It has for sure an more than interesting wallet where someone can mine with cpu, gpu and setup his own node, all absolutly easy organized. Wallet adresses that expire after a given setuped time and whatever not. It looks like a promising privacy coin for sure in my opinion.

For Grin, i have readed a bit but will wait for the main net to start as currentlythey are still only testing if i’am remember right. The uncapped coin supply got my attention as well. But than again, there are more coins without fixed coin supply around, ETH is mostly the most prominent example. I haven’t checked there wallets or other features so far due testing BEAM with gpu and cpu mining is more interesting for some research and testing. I still think GRIN might come strong as well.

I would as well always keep an eye on PIVx to see how they are doing with POS.

Another maybe interesting privacy coin to be released very soon is Bitcoin Confidential with ringCT and mandatory stealth adresses based on pure improved POS. If i remember right done by the Smart Cash team and to be released the next weeks.

With 2 new privacy coins on gpu and 2 privacy coins on POS these are interesting to watch closely in my opinion. My prediction is that all 4 mentioned ZEC competitors will make it at least into the top 100.


Reminds me of the scene in the jungle book with King Louie! (Only teasing!) I saw that post but it didn’t occur to me like this


I’m working on something kind of like that, but much more extensive. It involves Zcash partly in conjunction with others! Very complex system. One “chain” alone could not supply what the end product needs to be safe and work smooth.

This is light years ahead of what is available today. It will set out a way ahead and open a whole different perspective in crypto. I will explain more another time.




This is laughable
Venezuela World Trade Organization is accusing the US of discriminatory action against their piece of crap Petro! :rofl: in case you don’t know yet it’s illegal to possess for Americans (like Id want it anyways!)


Buy my new coin, its called space-quid, it’s backed by theoretical resources buried in asteroids, the profits go towards theoretical spaceships to acquire said theories



This is funny AF…20char


And I thought the TRON thing was backwards!
just keep in mind you can use it and simultaneously cannot use it